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There is no exceptions for those who seek questions they should not be asking.
Zoraida with bright green eyes and white hair wakes up in an unforgiving world with no memories.
It is a world where she does not fit in the system and now has to find out how to live in an island full of criminals while only being promised ten years at most to live.
The rules are strict and the judgment harsh as Zoraida questions everything in her path; the one thing that there will be no exceptions to.
The clock is ticking and Zoraida is racing against death.

Hadley's Sliding Door Challenge is a challenge in which Hadley lives out three different lives. In each life, she moves to a new world and tries out a new career. She has the worse luck with dating and the only heartbreaking she seems to be doing is dating men who break her heart. Currently on Door 1.

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