Sunday, April 29, 2018

Still Alive Short Dynasty - Chapter 19 - Octavia's Bad Day

We start this update off with Sena completing her Lifetime Wish! I'm so happy. I don't think generation three will have as many points as generation two did, but it's definitely going well.

"I'm floating, writer! I'm floating!"
Owen, it's 4 AM here and you just maxed out your days today. I doubt you are floating-

-Shit yes you are. Crap and I just got you and Octavia married. Well, RIP sparkly Owen. You were a great father and husband. Never flirted with your daughter-in-law.
4 AM brain just realized you didn't have a daughter-in-law, but the thought was still THERE.

I now offer you guys Jebidiah and Sena being cute autonomously to make up for Sparkly Owen's death.
Autocorrect: Stop spelling his name wrong.
That's the right way to spell it, I checked. Stop giving me that squiggly red line of doom.

Octavia just autonomously hugged Koios and keeps telling him he's doing a good job. I love her so much.

Oh shit, you're giving birth. That's likely an accurate description, but I heard being in labor is a joyous time during anyones life-
Brain: You're mixing that up with pregnancy.
Right, right. 

It turned out it wasn't an evil flesh eating monster, but Ersa Alive. She was born with the virtuoso and loner traits. She is not the heiress even though she is the first born girl as her father is not technically Sena's spouse nor will he be. It's different from the situation with Owen. Owen was living in the house accumulating points and I was not going to have Octavia be with anyone else who moved in and had a child with her in generation two. While they weren't technically married and remained at love interests for a long period of time, Owen was the one that had children with Octavia and was earning points while being part of the household.
Hopefully that makes sense. I'll reread it when I'm more awake.

Doesn't she just scream loving motherhood?
"I just had my insides torn apart for this little burrito."
We call those children where I come, but still an accurate description.

Look at this dragon. He's just standing there, being all adorable.
I gotta find a name for him.
*Pulls up name list.*
Neo. His name is officially Neo.

Another one of Octavia's animals died today.
She's having a really bad day.
First, sparkly Owen, now one of her pets. :(

Okay I'm not sure exactly WHY I took this picture, but I'm pretty sure Sena is locked in a room watching the kids channel and only being allowed to eat apples. That means only one thing; she must be pregnant. 

I've decided that I really like the idea of Koios being in the criminal career, so time to max athletic!
"Not again..."

Sleepy Neo is sleepy. He's so cute and I like taking pictures of him.

"It's art! The penguins agree with the turtles!"
It's..well you're not wrong. It is art.

Okay game you are just being evil now.
ANOTHER one of Octavia's animals died.
I think this is the last one beside Neo.
Shit I really feel bad right now. I didn't realize so much happened to her in such a short period of time.

I don't remember what skill Octavia maxed, but I know she maxed something!
Woo! At least something good for her in this update!
"I miss Owen and all my pets."
I am officially sad now.

Flesh eating monster Ersa aged up!
She's a cute toddler.

Oh my gosh this child is trying to win me over. She just might.

Jebidiah got stuck on toddler duty somehow and potty trained Ersa.

"I'm back after you killed me in my other form. I can not be killed. I can only repossess."

This is what...the fifth time, sixth time the repowoman has appeared?
I have nothing witty to say anymore about this.
They just kind up and I'm no longer surprised.

Besides this, guess who is being  a very, very loyal husband. Gerald, Ersa's father apparently.
Oh Story Progression you.
That update made me laugh as I had no idea he was even married.
Well, that's all I got for this update!
Hope you enjoyed it!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Still Alive Short Dynasty - Chapter 18 - Don't Rob Your Friends

Welcome back to the Still Alive Short Dynasty! We start off with something that needed to happen a long time ago. 

"This ring may not be as sparkly as me and I'm old now, but will you be my wife?"

"It only took you until I was nearly dead, but yes!"


I had them rush off to get married because they were about to die it seemed romantic.

Pats self on back.

In other news....look who's single.
Poor Jebidiah. He's having as much luck in relationships as Sena is.
Well, at least he's not pregnant?

Octavia rushed over to meet a townie teenager that moved in with Adonis and Zander. He's a bit young but...things have already gone to shit so there aren't many options.

Adonis: Has dragon
Awwwww! He's so cute-

Octavia: Now has dragon
-Octavia did you just steal him.
"Why would you say that?"
Peers at Octavia.

Sena waited for the next option besides the teen townie. It's a man who didn't show up at the party and now Sena is stalking him.
"I'm not stalking. You sent me here!"
Yes, but you've been out there for the last two hours.
Do you know how much time is being wasted not skilling?

The man of the hour finally got out of work invisible while carrying an umbrella through the floor.
This doesn't scream future problems for this game file at all.
I ended up reseting him and apparently he's elderly.
Well shit.

This stray cat died and Grim came when there was no party being hosted.
Nothing is right in this world anymore it seems. 

Time to check back on Sen-what the hell.
"Hey Jebidiah. I heard you broke up with your boyfriend. I'm an owl and I'm pregnant with an ostrich."

Honey Jebidiah is-
"-congratulations, Sena! Lavar just didn't understand me, you know?"
"I understand that completely."

If you're confused and you know it, bang your head on your keyboard.
If you're confused and you know it, bang your head on your keyboard.
If you have no idea what your sims are doing and now your heiress is talking to a guy who's likely not interested in her, bang your head on your keyboard.
"That didn't rhyme, writer."
No, it did not.
I'm still pretty sure Jebidiah is gay, but these two are attracted to each other so...bisexual maybe?
That would make a lot of sense though that doesn't explain why he wasn't interested in her earlier...

Now they are playing rock-paper-scissors.
Guys, I'm confused.

Okay so after some friendly interactions and a pregnant Sena gossiping with Jebidiah, (Let's just call him Jeb for now on) these two are officially friends.
Narrows eyes at Sena.
I'm not sure how this helps in regards to points, but I'm confused enough as it is, so you do you.

"Jebidiah, would you like to move in with the owls and gooses?"
Wait what-

Oh so every adult in the household except for Owen automatically was put into the criminal career and apparently Sena robbed Jebidiah.

I feel like I should know what the hell is going on when writing these updates, but I really don't.
I'll have to title the first update where shit makes sense "the update of sanity" or something similar to that.

The friendship between Jebidiah and Sena decreased because apparently robbing someone doesn't help to keep them as a friend.
We have all learned something new today.
Class dismissed.
There goes my plans for tomorrow.

Someone died near to Jebidiah. Sena comforted him or maybe she's comforting him because he got robbed.
Yes, that makes perfect sense.
Found my new quote.
Updates forum profile. 

"Aren't those two lovebirds adorable?"
What lovebirds-

Okay well I'm just going to check just in case I was wrong that he was bisexual and.....
....10 of 10.

"I heard pink is your favorite color."
(Happy squeal from Sena.)

I will not lie, these two seem like they would be pretty cute together.
Sure Sena robbed him and she's crazy and pregnant, but uhm...
What the crazy heiress said.

I swear that with my luck this is going to end up being the cutest couple in this short dynasty. The crazy pregnant heiress who robbed her future spouse who secretly loves it. Well, he's a criminal himself.

What a strange way to begin a relationship yet....oddly adorable.
Oh and his traits are Neurotic, Good Sense of Humor, Easily Impressed, Grumpy, and Natural Born Performer.
His lifetime wish?
It's Master Acrobat.

Takes deep breaths.
Everything is fine.
This is fine.
I'm sure that this Lifetime Wish can be completed before he dies.
This is fine.
Gah these two are so cute together.
Time to buckle down and get this lifetime wish done.
I'll see you guys in the next update!
I hope you are having a good morning/afternoon/evening!