Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Still Alive Short Dynasty - Chapter 20 - Childbirth Is Such an Amazing Thing

I'm sick and procrastinating, so time for another chapter!
Sena is pregnant with what may or may not be the next heiress. I'm hoping not because I want her to have at least four children. :o

"Is this what Owen meant by the sparkles?"

"It's okay, writer. I'm ready to see the rest of my family again.'
Well shit I'm all sad now. I honestly didn't think I would get as attached as I did in a short dynasty.

Grim: Cheers
Way to be inappropriate, Grim.

RIP Octavia. I hope you are enjoying the netherworld with sparkly Owen and you see your parents again. The generation two stats will be posted after this update and..damn that's a lot of points.
I'm pretty sure Jax earned half of them at least.
Technically we are already pretty far into generation three, but I just don't like posting the stats for previous generations until the heiress died even though the generation already ended.
Not sure exactly why but...questioning my own mind would be too odd.

Here is the graves of all the Alive family. I placed Nigel by Jax and Fiona's when I found his grave.

"What the hell?"
It's Koios's birthday apparently! He's now an adult. Even though Sena and him are twins, she's technically younger in game now due to being pregnant.

"Look writer! I'M ON FIRE."
Jebidiah is not literally on fire, but he is trying to make tips so he can complete his Lifetime Wish and max his career. He's already maxed the athletic skill.

"Look writer! Now I'm sitting, but I'm sitting on NOTHING."
That's nice, Jebidiah.

Meanwhile Sena is giving birth to your first born child.
You know, nothing special.

This minor thing of childbirth is being interrupted for something very important.
Everyone, stare at Neo.
Isn't he adorable?
You, the reader: "JUST TELL US WHAT SENA HAD."
Yeah, yeah.
Grumbles under breath.

Sena had a little girl named Dia Alive. Her traits are eccentric and hates the outdoors!
She is the heiress for generation four which I was not prepared for at all!
Sobs quietly in corner. 

This little boy was also born named Raiden Alive! His traits are Disciplined and Good. Not bad. He actually got...really good traits.

Sena what are you doing?
"I'm showing a funny video to the consignment specialist, writer."
Wait....she looks familiar?

Is this one of your schemes, Sena?
"What? This little pelican with a teacup on it's elbow? No."

Now Sena is crying over her mother's death.
Shit this short lifespan messes with me sometimes.

Ersa aged up AKA the forgotten child! She gained the Vehicle Enthusiast. Ehh that's not the best-
Character lectures me in the background.
-okay I'm wrong. That's a really good trait.

What is going on? The consignment specialist can't have her birthday?

Well she aged up anyways and she's apparently part of our household now.
Welp, that just happened.

It is also appears to be Jebidiah's birthday! I didn't get any pictures of him after he aged up because he basically stayed the same.

Also the Alive's new roommate is now woohooing with this townie? Oh and her name is Nuala O'Ryan and her traits are Excitable, Great Kisser, Loves the Outdoors, Neat, and Virtuoso.
Her lifetime wish is Master of the Arts which should be easy to be finished.

So Sena, want to explain why Nuala moved in?
"You needed a townie baby for Dia. Nuala is a townie that was made immortal. Boom, platypus. It all works because the squids said so."
That's actually a really good idea...?
You do you, Sena.
I'm just going to go check up on Jebidiah.

"You fu-"
-and I'm done checking up on Jebidiah.
Keep up the good work.

The house officially got changed to fit generation three. I'm going to make it look more like a house and less like a box around generation five...maybe.

This paparazzi died on the front lawn and Grim just couldn't seem to get over how much death was happening during these updates.
He seemed very shocked.

Then he did the dishes. Don't ask me why. I have no clue.

Sena finally aged up!

I tried giving her a new hairstyle that I thought I might like and mehhh.
Well, that's all I got!
See you guys next time!

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