Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Still Alive Short Dynasty - Chapter 11 - The Case of the Missing Pictures

So chapters may only be between 20 - 40 pictures for now on with the longer update thrown in occasionally if I'm up for it. This is just for my sanity, for there to more updates, and for said updates not to feel so rushed. Just still figuring this out guys.
Thank you for your patience. 

Octavia went to give Koios some love before heading out to garden with Owen.

They don't interact. Just garden.
Octavia and Owen "......"

"Hi there, little Koios. You're absolutely a cutie, yes you are."
"You're holding up the line, old man."
"Shut up, Owen. I'm perfect and if I deem this child worthy of my time, you'll wait. Since I have, continue waiting."
Well then....

Octavia loves her turtle.
He does not have a name.
This is how far my creativity goes, folks.
If anyone has a name suggestion, please just say the word.

Zander aged up in a picture I lost. He immediately started to learn how to talk from yours truly, Jax.
"Can you say H-I-P-S-T-E-R, Zander?"
"Good boy! You keep rebelling against the system."

Here's Adonis aging up.
Yay for pictures!

He also got some love from his momma before being sent off to skill with his brother.

Jax: (Harasses world)

Octavia got a job in business.
Will it stick?
Likely not.
Why did I have her get one?
I don't remember.
"...because I wanted one?"
No, no.
Probably points.

"Now can you say 'No I won't drive a car?''
Adonis: ........
"Good job, my boy! Already rebelling against your old man."
What an odd old man you are, Jax.

Octavia and Sparkly Owen both had their adult birthdays. They both ended up having a midlife crisis and for once, I was ready to fulfill those wishes.
Except a few.
No moving out.
Turns out that's all they wanted to do.


Octavia decided that after her wish of moving out was crushed, she would just rock in the rocking chair with Koios.
She gives a lot of love to Sena too, just didn't take pictures I guess.
(Shakes fist angrily at past Mpart)

Jax's kids will be learning all their toddler skills as he wishes them to do so and they don't have to skill.

Gosh I'm so excited!
I'll have to get a picture of the baby as a young adult once their are born.

Here's Octavia just reading and skilling in her room.

Send aged up right on time and got a makeover. Her mom picked her up and I got to snap some pictures of the absolutely gorgeous heiresses.

Skilling begun for young Seana as she looked at her cousin in confusion.
Sena: I have to hit weird toy with stick and he do nothing?

Eventually, her daddy came and helped her with her grand task.
Everyone say aww with me.

Her mom decided to too!
Everyone wanted to help out little Sena get use to skilling.
"You mean when you enslave my daughter for points?"
Hey, hey. You guys get a lot of Lifetime Wish points, darn it. I wouldn't be complaining here.

Finally, Koios was aged up via birthday cake as my game seems to be having an odd bug here and there.

Koios went to play with the dollhouse as he performed his greatest trick; appearing and reappearing.
Scared the shit out of me.

So these two will flirt for hours and then go without talking to each other days. The only wishes they seem to get is to woohoo with each other.

Jax's twins are aging up!

Oh Jax....

Here the two are. One boasting about how great he is and the other yawning about it.
They are definitely Jax's  kids.
Sorry for not getting any pictures of them aging up!
It seems more pictures for this update went missing then I thought.
Where did they go?
Did I just not take them?
I could have sworn...
Anyways, Zander (red-head) gained the Kleptomaniac trait.
Adonis (blond) gained the Angler Trait.

Jax got a wish to send Zander off to private school so guess what happened?
He's going to private school, folks.
He'll be gone for a whole sim day.

Also, Nigel had his kid!
Her name is...Brooke.

Had to go into Master Controller and fix that. Her name is now Sierra and I may have happened to see what she looked like aged up...
Holy shit.
Saves to bin.

Oh and there is an extra room for the skilling objects because Mpart is too lazy to build a proper house.
Welp. I won't even lie and say this update wasn't chaotic compared to the others. (That's saying something.)
Well, I'll see you with the next update!

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Exiled to Lunar Lakes - Chapter 6 - Continue

Zoraida found herself trapped in darkness as voices echoed off the walls.

Someone was speaking.
No, people were speaking.
“We can’t support the number we have here.”
She was losing her mind.

"We're going to be found."
Where was Petre?
Why was everything covered in darkness?
Something deep inside her quieted her questions with one simple command; listen.

"We're losing money on this project."
“Someone is becoming self-aware.”
“Start pulling the pl-”

Zoraida lurched forward as she stifled a scream and looked around the dark room wildly.
She needed to get out.

She needed out.
She pushed herself off the bed as she looked around for her clothes.

Still not processing everything that had happened, she grabbed her shirt and threw it on before scrambling around the room to find her pants. 

How the hell had she lost her pants?
Her mind was a mess.
What was she forgetting?
For all the chaos her mind was in, she felt fucking fantastic.
“Zoraida?” A voice came from behind her as she turned around, her eyes wide.
Zoraida stared at the man-  

Memories forced themselves to the surface with pain as Zoraida took a step, clutching her forehead.
She. Would. Not. Forget.
No matter what.
As she internally struggled with herself, Petre was there by her side, trying to keep her from fainting.
When that didn’t seem to be working well enough, he picked her up and placed her back on the bed again.

“I’m fine.” She mumbled under her breath. “Just had a bad..-” Dream didn’t seem to describe it well enough.
No, not a nightmare.

Zoraida couldn’t find the right words as Petre looked at her, his eyes filling with more concern as the minutes passed.
She wanted to tell him she was fine that she hadn’t meant to scare him, but as the words failed her, she resisted the urge to wrap her arms around him and never leave.
How had she become so dependent on a person?
Someone she had just met and barely knew.
Her goal had never been to rely on another person. 
Hell, she had just wanted a drink.

Zoraida hesitated as she looked at the door. 
She should leave, declare it a one-night stand, and deal with her mess herself.
“Zoraida.” Her head snapped up as she stared at Petre, looking at her. “What are you thinking.” He asked gently, as she realized how unstable she must appear.

She paused before meeting him in the eyes and speaking. “I think I’ve dragged you into my mess, Petre. So I’m wondering if you want a way out.” Confusion entered his eyes. “I don’t want to drag anyone into my messes.” She said before continuing, trying to find the right to word it. “I’ve lately become a public me-” 
Petre answered her mid sentence with a kiss before pulling back, his eyebrows furrowed. “Continue.”

Zoraida stared at him. “You made me lose my thought process!” She said back to him.

She shook her head at him, before a small smile made its way onto her face. “I was saying very deep, meaningful, things you know. I was being a very serious person.”
Petre nodded. “I know. I stopped you because you’re stuck with me now.”
“I am?”
He nodded again. “Yes, you are stuck with me for now until this infested shit-hole called Lunar Lakes kills me.”
She wasn’t a big fan of Petre dying, yet the promise of only ten years here echoed in her mind. “I just never want you to feel you are stuck with me.”
“I won’t.”

Zoraida grinned at him before getting off the bed to resume looking for her pants. After a moment, she spoke again. “Petre, do you know where you put my pants?”
He cleared his throat for a moment before searching with her. “I think we-I was a bit busy then.”
“Were you?” Zoraida asked innocently as she casted a glance at him.
Very distracted.”

She laughed as she laid her eyes upon the missing pants. “Found them!”
He looked up from the other of the side of the bed. “That’s great, Zo.”
“You sound disappointed.” She replied as her head popped out from the other side.
Petre’s eyes gazed farther down. “You know….” She started, her words trailing as she let him finish the sentence.

“It’s not going to be safe here much longer.”
Zoraida crossed her arms on the bed as she leaned forward on it before resting her head on them. “How much is ‘much longer?’’ Her eyes were bright with mischief as she crossed the bed for leaning down and kissing him.
That seemed to do Petre in as he pushed his lips against hers before dragging her down onto the ground with him gently.