Monday, January 15, 2018

Still Alive Short Dynasty - Chapter 7 - Skilling and Rushed Proposals

Hey, guys so before we get into the update I wanted to give you a heads-up on something. I know it's probably assumed that Jax is the heir, but after some thinking and some suggestions from a good friend of mine that has got this Short Dynasty thing down like it's nobody's business, I have decided that the first rainbow-colored female will be the heiress to the Still Alive Short Dynasty. That means Octavia will be bringing in the next generation.
What does this mean exactly? 
It means for that time being, Nigel and Jax can bring in points until she reaches adulthood. This gives me time to collect points until then. 
I also want to make everyone aware that this decision was made after some binge playing in the file was done. Thus, Octavia had a normal childhood where nearly no skilling was done and there could have been more points earned if I had made this decision sooner. 
Yet, making this decision and looking at the points I have earned for this generation already when comparing generation one is pretty damn amazing. 
Since, technically speaking, the point count shifted from generation one to generation two once the first born child reached adulthood, I will be posting the point count I have for generation one soon. 
Just wanted to give you all that heads-up. 
The next two chapters will be a little bit whacky with this new decision in place, so bear with me and enjoy the madness that is this challenge. 

Fiona's ex turned into a zombie when a full moon that my settings shouldn't have allowed and then when he had to be reset, apparently he was still a zombie. 
Ah, my game is already buggy.
How wonderful.

Octavia is such a cutie! 
I absolutely adore her!
Not sure why I got this picture, but, it's cute!

Fiona look so sad.
She's breaking up with her love interest, giving birth to her ex-husband's child, and is a mess.
Oh well.

At least she gets to get sculpt.
Yay for sculpting!

Meira and Mason both got a wish to teach Octavia how to talk, thus the wish was granted. 

Susie found a bird which she was forced to sell for money.
"Thanks, writer."

Owen and Octavia had their birthdays.
Owen gained the Mooch trait.

Octavia over here gained the Excitable trait.
Oh gosh...
If Felix from the Nix's is summoned, I'm done.
I'm done, folks.
He was a wonderful heir in that challenge, but the world can only handle him once.

"I'm the king of the house!"
You do, you, non-skiller person. 
Wishes to learn Logic.

Meira aged up to an elder.

No bad, Meira, not bad at all.
"I'm going to die, writer."
Points to the words 'Short Dynasty.' 
You sound surprised..?

Oh and Fiona is giving birth.

She gave birth to Seth O'Reilly who is Good and Excitable.
The Excitable trait seems to be the shit around here.
Seems like the child is stuck in the wall.
That's nice.

Okay so either this couple adopted or my game is a bit messed up in regards to Story Progression.
Elders in my game shouldn't be able to get pregnant...?

After the baby was born, it was time to have everyone but the children head off to China to get some skilling done.

Susie is very proud of herself for arranging it.

Fiona finally got a makeover and cleans up quite well.

She was off to complete some adventures when Jax stopped her to have a conversation and do some flirting.

"You know, you're almost as great as I am."
"That's the best compliment anyone has ever given me."

After some flirting, she abruptly got a wish to date Jax.

Jax headed to the Martial Arts academy to max Martial Arts while staying in China.

Meira was chained to the stove as she maxed Cooking.
She immediately made the stove filthy in rebellion.

You can do it Jax!
Go Jax!

Oh and Mason is going to be maxing Martial Arts too, apparently.
"What was that writer? Marriage?"
No, Martial Arts.
"Martial Law?"
How did you even...nevermind.

All the maxing of skills!
All the adventures in China bugged out causing my sims not to able to do them, so Fiona will be maxing Martial Arts!

Oh and this random townie died.
Very saddening.
Almost stopped everyone from skilling.
"Writer, the most important person might be me here, but even I found that a bit heartless."
Thanks, Jax.
Now back to skilling.

So much skilling.
Everyone skills.

Nigel decided to keep everyone from leaving or using the bathroom by playing the piano in the middle of it.
You do you, Nigel.
"I want love and someone to care about me."
Okay, Nathan.

Oh and this happened during a very sad skill break.

It was very saddening indeed, guys.
They stopped skilling.
Fiona and Jax: ......

Fiona got that wish fulfilled though.

Along with a very rushed proposal too!
"It was romantic and heat of the moment, writer."

Thankfully, she accepted or it would have just been awkward.
Hey, hey.
Just stating the facts here.

Along with a rushed proposal, a rushed wedding was in order.

Well, at least they are cute together.

Meanwhile Meira was torturing the locals with her cooking as Nigel played the piano for them.
"Gee, thanks writer."
"She's cranky today."
Yes indeed.

Mason was meditating and all that jazz as he continued to work on Martial Arts.

After maxing cooking, Meira wobbled her way there and gave it a shot herself.
Oh boy.

See you guys with another update next time!
"Hopefully she's in a better mood."

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