Sunday, July 29, 2018

Still Alive Short Dynasty - Chapter 24 - Sena Said No

The Grim Reaper came for Ersa and there was nothing that could be done.

I was so pissed and surprised.

Ersa also begged for her life in which the grim reaper didn't care about so it's okay guys, I don't need my heart anyways. That's just a useless organ anyways.


A shit ton of members in the household got a wish to bring Ersa back. Well we don't have any ambrosia so that's..that's got to be a no, but you know what? No one takes control of my dynasty. She's coming back, just a bit more golden.

Sena..are you okay? You're sounding a bit..sane. 

"No writer, I'm not okay. My daughter is DEAD."
Right, right. You just keep doing your voodoo summoning ghost thing then.

Well didn't work.
Damn it. Time to get out the ambrosia then I guess.
It'll take time but-

"Hey mom, I'm back. There were no tacos in the underworld and I told the Grim Reaper you said that I can't die and I guess I'm back now."
 "That's my girl."

"Mom, he's really scared of you. He says you're a bit..eccentric."
"Bah, he's just a bag of bones that the penguins don't care about."

With Ersa's statue sold, she completed her lifetime wish. It was a bit disturbing, but it was worth 50,000!

If you were expecting me to do anything productive in this update, that's not going to happen. It's basically just a picture spam of Ersa.

Ersa and Neo now have something to bond over.

"So I'm basically dead and your a death dragon..neat huh?"
I don't think Neo is going to reply, Ersa.

This felt like a really short update, but Ersa died and then was resurrected so that's something.

Here's a cute picture of Dia to go along with the Ersa spam. She looks so happy to have cotton candy.  I stopped playing here roughly two or three months ago and so I'm going to end it here. Holy shit I finally caught up with all these updates. I never thought I would. I'm off to write three Sliding Door chapters/updates. See you later!

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Hadley's Sliding Door Challenge - Door 1 - Chapter 4 - Finally

Welcome back! Hadley's new house exterior needs a bit of work, but she didn't have the money for me to do anything with it.

This is the inside of her house. I spent an hour on the bedroom. Why? I was trying to get different oranges to look good in the bedroom and the curtains and the wall STILL look like the same orange. Looking back, I don't know why I didn't go with white for the curtain instead.

She chatted with guy from chapter two I think? He's not single and after Kai, there's no way in hell she's going after someone who's already taken.

I also changed her shirt and she got another tattoo. Hadley has an obsession with tattoos, but they don't seem to delay her aging.

Her daycare started and the kids were pleasantly entertained.

Now THIS, THIS kid's name was Chance. I'm 54% sure that's right.
"Congratulations writer!"
I can't tell if that was sarcastic or just her being nice. You can never really tell.
"That was sarcasm." Ouch.

Don't even ask me what this kid's name was. We'll call him Jerry.

In other news, this happened. Kai now has a total of four relationships.
Gosh damn.

The following days went so similar that I didn't get any pictures. Hadley just worked on her blog which she's pretty obsessed with and ran her daycare. She eventually leveled up in the social networking skill enough that she could invite sims to her house using the Sim Finder app. She wished to do that so she did. Daniel Peasant(?) showed up and she befriended him.

Hadley got a wish to kiss him for the first time. I wasn't expecting this move so quickly but....

....Daniel wasn't complaining.

They watched the stars together and then he had to leave.

Hadley went to bed and had four days off that were filled with just wish completing. She didn't get any for Daniel so I just left it be. She went to the bistro and changed into her formal wear. It's gorgeous!

I..I honestly don't remember why I took a picture of her back, but she was probably doing something important.  I can't figure out what it was, but maybe I was just showing off the back of her dress? I dunno.

She went the relaxation station(?) and stayed there overnight. Nothing exciting happened except me seeing how the sauna worked. I'm really enjoying Sunlit Tides.

That's lady number five for Kai.

Hadley went to buy a recipe and bumped into Daniel! She went to sit down next to him to chat and Kai...shitty Kai walked over there and started talking on the phone in front of them.

"You can leave now."
"Man, that's just embarrassing."

Uhhh so this happened? Daniel and Hadley were just talking and he asked her to move in? Holy shit that's NEVER happened in my years of playing the sims. It's probably one of my mods. I've never seen anything like it and so I had Hadley move in with him. They don't have any wishes to be anything but romantic love interests so this will be...interesting.
Wish me luck.

Still Alive Short Dynasty - Chapter 23 - A Golden Update

In the last update, I promised everything would go to hell in this update. It does, but much, much later. 
Sena and Raiden managed to sneak away and had a cute mother and son moment....

...then Raiden started arguing with her. 
Well, it was cute while it lasted.

He also got caught trying to set a prank up. Sena ended up scolding him before he begged for forgiveness.

"Moooommmm. It was just a little prank! Please, please don't ground me!"

"Alright little marshmallow, but you got to get better at being more discreet about your pranks with the sequins, okay?"

"I don't understand what you mean, but okay."

That was surprisingly easy. I think it's hard to be on Sena's bad side anyways.

"That just looks painful. I think the dummy just hit dad in the face."

"It did no such thing Ersa! Just..just politely tried to give me a high-five. In the face."

Dia took up painting with Nuala. Nuala's lifetime wish required her to max painting and Dia...Dia just needs to get me some more points.

Here's Jebidiah with Neo! I love this dragon so much.


Ersa got a wish to collect a lizard so I let her.

The lizard's name is Azrael. Ersa loves him which makes me happy.

"Writer, pay more attention to me!"
Yeah, yeah. I'm taking the picture of you working on the logic skill. Much interesting. Very wow.

So everything was going swimmingly and then THIS happened.
Remember that really, really small chance I mentioned of a sim dying when using the philosopher's stone?
It happened.
Ersa died and got turned into a gold statue.

Sena came out just in time to see her daughter die. Well shit my feelings didn't matter anyways.
I'll leave this update here as I got to take a break from writing updates. Duh-duh-duh!