Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Still Alive Short Dynasty - Chapter 25 - Identity Crisis Time

Welcome back to Still Alive Short Dynasty! In the last chapter Ersa came back from the dead...kind of. That's really all I remember. I haven't touched my game file in months so I finally caved in and played a little bit...which turned into so much more. I was going to have another chapter ready but then my game crashed and thus there is no pictures for that said chapter anymore. I need to get the Saver mod.
Also, I have been on a challenge kick lately which has kept me from writing what I need to write. *Angry simmer noises*
Well it was and then life got MORE busy and so it took me away from my beloved sims. A good busy though. I'm happy. 
Anyways, Raiden decided to autonomously hug Paris and it was the cutest thing. Don't ask me why he did, he confuses me.
"It's because I'm nice!"
...but you have the mean-spirited trait.
"I also have the good trait."
That just sounds like an identity crisis waiting to happen. 

Here Jebidiah and Sena are whacking boards and a dummy with their hands. Cool stuff.
"Writer you should probably go to bed..."
Nah, naps are life. What is sleep except naps. I'm awake enough to type, I'm awake enough to write this update.
"The elephants and cucumbers disagree."

So apparently Nuala tried to fix the dishwasher and got shocked so naturally, she went to clean up a puddle of water afterwards.
"Always thinking about how best to keep the house going!"

Here the spares are gardening. Much wow. Very garden.
"We have names, you know."
Yeah, yeah Koios.
Love you guys.

"Do you think if we play enough chess she'll let us have a childhood?"
"No, Dia. Stop getting your hopes up about life. You're useless anyways."
See what I mean? Identity crisis. Identity crisis I tell you.
Raiden: Gets wish to donate money to charity.

Look at this little guy! He's so adorable. Fun fact: I named him after Paris from the Iliad because during that time I was really into it. I honestly don't think he'll be as stupid as THAT Paris, but again, I thought it would be a neat name to use.

"You know, I kind of..feel bad for saying you were useless? It felt like the right thing to say but at the same time it was...bad?" 
"I really don't understand what you mean. Maybe you should talk to mom? She talks to the air and stuff."
I have the perfect meme for this but I'm too tired to grab it. 
Laziness intensifies.

"The dishes! I hate the dishes!"
"...we have one dirty plate in the sink..."
"Everyone is so messy around here!"
To be honest, I'm pissed at Nuala for reasons I can't say. Even though I have played WAY ahead in game, she did some stupid shit that led to me locking her in a caged area with jellybeans to eat until she eventually died. My game ended up crashing and she was a lot better when I rebooted it, but I'm STILL bitter.

Sena is...maxing her athletic skill. I would say something witty here, but meh.

Koios was reading a book for work. I want him to max the criminal career even though I'm not 100% sure why.
"It's because you want that trophy, writer."
Hell yeah I want that trophy.

I like to take pictures of Ersa and Neo hanging out together. Neo is just so adorable and Ersa loves him so much. It makes my heart melt.

Nuala finished this painting. I liked it and hung it up on the wall. Though I'm angry at Nuala-
"-writer I didn't even do anything."
Correction; you didn't do anything because my game CRASHED. Bad CC saved you.

I'm trying super hard to get Nuala's lifetime wish done so se's permanently stuck at the easel-oh wait now she's aging up.

"Does this mean I'm getting old?"

I did pretty good on the makeover if I do say so myself.

Birthday time for the kids now! Raiden is the oldest (I think) so he aged up first.

It happens. You'll get use to it.

Raiden now has the dramatic if he didn't before.

After Raiden aged up, Dia did.

She wasn't scared of the sparkles like Raiden was. She gained the great kisser trait which is pretty good actually.

I love how unique and eccentric she is. She takes mostly after Jebidiah but has Sena's hair. Speaking of Sena, she's making a wonderful face in the background.
"Platypus! You saw me!'

I really don't understand why I took this picture to be honest-wait shit. 

Chains Dia to the easel.
"Writer why do you hate me."
You wanted to learn how to paint and you tried to SLEEP. SLEEP. There is no sleep. Only skilling.

"I'm getting old too!"
No wonder my game was crashing so much. There are so many birthdays constantly.

"Hahahaha! Dad's getting old!"
"This is why no one trusts you, Raiden."
Oh burnnn, Dia. Accurate though.

"I don't know how I feel about this old thing."
Gets wish to retire.
Well since I don't know when the last time you worked...why the hell not?

One phone call and a few bags of confetti, Jebidiah was set for retirement.

His whole family came to support him. Dia did too, but then she was back to being chained to the easel. Same for Nuala. Koios was working so perhaps not his whole family.
I have no idea what Ersa's problem with yeti's are.
That's great dear. I leave you on this note. See you later!


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