Friday, August 31, 2018

Still Alive Short Dynasty - Chapter 27 - To China They Go

Okay so this is going to be a longer chapter than usual, so just a heads up. Let's dive into it, shall we?
So I got this notification. Koios has never once been arrested while working so I found it a bit odd. He just begun to befriend people though in jail because why the hell not?

"Must paint...all there is is paint."
Nuala is over there trying to max the painting skill. I have no idea why she's having such trouble completing her lifetime wish. It's getting ridiculous.

"So dad...why are we playing chess again?"
"Well son, the writer wants us to max it for more 'points.' I don't know what these points are, but they seem important to her."
Yes. Yes they are.

Random pretty picture of Dia while she was starting to listen to another tabcast.
"I can't remember what food tastes like."
Pfftt. Food? Food ain't important.

*Sighs* I think my game is beginning to break. The door was open for pretty long before it closed by itself. I reset the whole town though and things went back to running smoothly again. I'm pretty sure that was only a one time thing.

"That guy over there..."
"-just don't look at him directly and he can't see you."
"I'm not a ghost though."

The what-what. Wait...why are you screaming? What the hell is going on?

"Writer...will it hurt? Will doing homework hurt?"
Yes. Yes it will, but at least you aren't paying to do the homework.

Are you fixing the sink, Jebidiah?
"No, just making sure it still works and doesn't attack us while we're all sleeping."
Well I mean-
Sink: "You have foiled my plans! Foiled them!"
-continue on, Jebidiah.

The first person who guesses what Paris is doing wrong in this picture gets ten brownie points.

What's with the stink face, Sena?
"What's with the stink face, Sena?"
Okay so everyone around here is crazier than usual. That's nice.

So this ghost cat showed up. It's pretty cute. I wonder if there's a way to adopt it in the next generations. I'll have to look into it.

Again Koios??
Also, if anyone is wondering why there's a random red dot on their screen, don't worry. Apparently it's part of the picture. I have no idea why.

"Are you going to stop your life of crime?" 
"Probably not. Thanks for asking though."

Well that happened quickly.

"I wonder what I should wish for?'
Maybe a piece of that cake before I delete it.

A few sparkles later and guys...damn look at this boy.
He gained the rebellious trait.

Paris aged up and it was off to China for the Alive family....except Koios. Koios was still in jail. He didn't get to come so I didn't take Nuala either.

After a long loading screen, the Alives arrived and Sena tried to make a run for it. 
The girls: "Mom keep running! Run before she finds you!" 
Paris: "Wow I can't believe Ersa is a ghost..." 

Do you guys remember the last time the Alives were in China and Meira made a huge mess while cooking?
I didn't remember before, but I do now.

Ersa was tasked with trying to get the Alive family a house in China and Sena had unwillingly came back to camp.

"We're going to be stuck at the chess table for all of our vacation, aren't we dad?"

Meanwhile I had these two be sent to uhm...yeah I can't remember what it's called.

"Writer what are you up to. Shouldn't you be forcing me to sk-"
*heart-farts happen*

"Wait you lived in my house?"
"Well yeah..."
"Do you want to see a funny video?"
For some reason her face reminds me so much of Sena in this picture.
Maybe because she looks like she's going mad.

Speaking of the madwoman, I sent Sena off to clean up her grandmother's mess. She has pretty much maxed everything she can on the tabcast at this point so there's not much for her to do.

"Wanna see my best celebrity impression?"

I left those two to their err..."fascinating" conversation and went to see what Ersa was up to.
"You know, getting ready to get risk my life in a tomb."
You can't risk your life though because you're already dead?"

I sent Sena off on to do an adventure just in case. Plus she had nothing else to do. I mean really, she had nothing else to do. 

"Wow writer! This place is so cool!"
Yes. Yes it is.

I went back to see how Paris and Dia were getting along and...Paris was just reading a book inside of a bookstore?
What happened?

"Writer I'm glitched."
Well shit. Ugh, I hate resetting sims while their on vacation.

I sent Sena to fish and she's...
"...I'm fishing, writer."
How the hell isn't she glitched?

"Dad, dad. So the writer left me alone and I decided to sit down and got stuck so she had to reset me. It angered her so much."
You've been around Raiden too much!

So I don't know what happened but a few hours later Paris decided to pick a fight with Jebidiah because that's always wise.

"It's okay son! Being a teenager is rough but you got to stop yelling, okay?"
*Looks back at pictures.*
You know, this seems like a really weird place to end this chapter, but that's all I got for you guys!
See you in the next one!

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