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Hadley's Sliding Door Challenge - Chapter 5 - New Romance

It's odd writing another update for Hadley's Sliding Door Challenge. I've been playing the challenge like crazy and now am at least ten updates/chapters ahead of what I'm writing right now. Anyways, let's get this chapter going!
Daniel's traits are Athletic, Charismatic, Commitment Issues, Flirty, and Great Kisser. His Lifetime Wish is also Heartbreaker...well that's fine. I'm going to change it to Super Star Athlete once he gets enough Lifetime points. Looking at his wiki page, I'm pretty sure him being a townie in Sunlit Tides is a big deal as he was in The Sims and The Sims 2. Story Progression broke him and Mary-Sue(?) up so he's a single pringle except for one thing.... has another love interest. No big deal though, him and Hadley are just love interests at this point so a quick interaction of asking to be just friends and Daniel was on his way to having only one love interest. 

Yeah this chick didn't take it that well, but that's okay! I don't even remember her name so that's a good sign.

This is his house which is pretty great. Not a lot of room for expansion, but I do like it and I feel too lazy to build another house so soon.
I love building a lot actually...just was lazy in this case.

I only edited the interior a bit with more rugs because I surprisingly like how it was decorated? It was a really weird moment. Anyways, there was a sauna, but considering Hadley and Daniel were only love interests I made a small bedroom there for her.

"You know, the last time I moved in with a guy his crazy ex-wife nearly killed me. Pretty sure I'm on a  list somewhere."

Hadley decided she felt right at home and went skinny-dipping.
"I would have went skinny-dipping anyways even if it wasn't my home.'"
That's great, Hadley.

Daniel got a makeover. I took the glasses off and promptly they went back on. Nope. He's got really interesting genetics and he doesn't look bad at all, it just feels like those goofy glasses work for him, you know?

He also has interesting sliders. It made me laugh because it reminds of Petre from Exiled to Lunar Lakes except both of the muscle ones are maxed out completely on Petre. To be honest, it made me like him more.

Also it turns out that creating a separate bedroom from Hadley wasn't going to work out. Welp, I converted it back into the sauna because they have plenty of money. Daniel is rich.

The next morning Daniel autonomously decided to give her an acupuncture massage.
"I have no idea what the hell I'm doing." 

"You know how do this, right Daniel?"
"I do now!"

Daniel decided to take up painting. I'm pretty sure he only painted twice until he became an elder.

I'm going to be completely honest, I don't know what I called this child. He may have shown up in previous chapters and been this witty toddler that was completely rememberable, but I don't really take that good of notes and I'm pretty positive I played five hours straight the day this chapter came to be.
I went pretty crazy.
Anyways, this kid who's name is now Will, was learning how to talk and being stubborn about it.  I took a picture of it was cute?
Shit I actually think I know this kid's name. His name was Chance. Holy shit. I remembered a name.

This is Susie, I don't know if that's her real name, but this is a tradition of Mpart not knowing the names and I can't break it, damn it. Not after this "Chance" kid.
"You could just start recording the names...?"
What's the fun in that? Chance was the exception, not the new normal.

Susie's parents were late so Hadley decided to bond with her while she tried to eat the xylophone.
I'm never having children.

This was super, super cute. They did it autonomously and it made my heart all happy. I'm glad she's not with somebody like Kai.
I have faith in Daniel.

There. Are. So. Many. Of. Them. 
Hadley was stressed, I was stressed, and the children were taking over.

After all the kids were picked up by their parents, Daniel decided to love on Hadley a bit. 
They are only love interests and seem to prefer it that way, but still so adorable. 

He leaped into her arms.
" is this possible?"
That's a great question.

After Hadley defied the odds of somehow being able to carry Daniel, they started making out.

What does making out lead to? Working out. Not the work out I expect-
Puts hands up in air in surrender. 
You were the one skinny-dipping a ten or fifteen pictures ago!

After working out, they relaxed in the sauna a bit and then went to bed.
He still has his engagement ring to change that.
It just makes things a lot more awkward.

The next day, it was both Hadley and Daniel's birthday so they went on a date to the spring festival. I'm also 90% sure it was Love Day too. The reason Hadley's young adult life went by so quickly is because she spent the most of the time working on getting promoted in the Daycare profession. I took a lot of pictures of it, but avoided taking the same pictures over and over again so a few days might have passed by here and there with only one or two pictures to show. When she's an adult I think things slow down? I'll have to check that. 
Anyways, Daniel went hunting for eggs while Hadley occupied the Kissing Booth. 

I have no idea why no one went to kiss her. She looked a lot better than the rest of those pudding sims. Just being honest here.

So Hadley got a wish to try out it called the love tester?
Hey, I don't know. It's been a while. *Raises water to her*
That's right. Water. Not coffee. Water. I don't know what happened. I miss my coffee.
"You drank coffee two hours ago."
It's been so long since I had coffee.

"Yes! We did great!"
Yeah so her and Daniel got a pretty good score on the love tester..wait I think it's the love calculator. That sounds right. It was pretty adorable.

They decided to slow dance after receiving such a great score on the love test-calculator thing.

"I'm so sorry!"
Daniel kept stepping on Hadley's the whole they were dancing. It was cute, but I imagine a bit painful.

At the end of the day, the dreaded adult birthdays finally happened. 

"Does this mean I'm getting old?"
No. Older. Not old.

Daniel: *Refuses to believe me*
Great. A Midlife Crisis. I'm kind of excited though. I'm going to try to complete as many wishes as I can as this is suppose to be a challenge led by the sim's wishes.

Next after Daniel, Hadley aged up.

She's still gorgeous though she no longer has her signature hair. Unlike Daniel, she did not have a Midlife Crisis. She was happy with where she was at in life. I was pretty proud of the fact she didn't have one and this is where I leave you guys.
See you in the next update!

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