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Hadley's Sliding Door Challenge - Door 1 - Chapter 6 - Well That Was Unexpected

Hi again guys! I decided to do something pretty crazy and do two challenge/stories for SimNo. The second being..this one of course! I might take a break after this month challenge wise. Doing two challenges  for SimNo is insanity. I know I'll definitely be taking a break from Still Alive Short Dynasty, but not sure this challenge. Anyways, let's start this chapter. It's going to be a long one. It's over forty pictures.
I've decided since Hadley won't be have children, she'll just adopt them!
Meet Ixon!
"Oh you got me a puppy, writer? I love puppies!"
His little brother will be coming later in the update.
"Wait what?"
That's what the pictures say so that's how it's going.

Little Ixon has the Genuis trait. He's super adorable.

I sent Hadley off to play chess to get closer to completing her Lifetime Wish.  Her Lifetime Wish is Perfect Mind, Perfect Body in case anyone is a bit confused and/or forgot.

Icarus arrived later! Little guy's trait is Destructive. I absolutely love, LOVE the fact I used greek mythology names for Ixon and Icarus. I adore the name Icarus, but would never name a character it because it might be bad luck. Maybe a sim in one of my challenges though. Later...

Little Ixon found the bed and decided to go to sleep. Hadley had been doting on him and Icarus a lot.

In case you're wondering where Daniel was...
"So..Ursula. Do you think I look fat? I got all these wrinkles and my writer is like 'why the hell did you have a midlife crisis wish to flirt with someone else.'"


After a quick "chat" with Ursula, Daniel strolled off to freak out about his wrinkles some more.
As much as I hate the Midlife Crisis wishes, they do make me laugh. Plus, I'm trying really, really hard to follow my sims's wishes in this challenge because while I'm not playing fully Wishacy style, I do want to take their wishes into consideration more than I usually do.

Daniel LITERALLY got home and Hadley walked up to him to ask how he "slept last night."
"Look Daniel, I know we aren't exclusive and have an odd relationship, so as long as you don't bring them around, I don't care, okay?"
"I didn't do anything I swear."
"Yeah sure. I don't really care, Daniel. I dated a man who cheated on me with multiple women and then his ex-wife. The fact she hasn't tried to murder me yet is the big surprise. If you're going to sleep around, it's fine. We aren't exclusive."
Well that was a bit depressing, but honest.
This has to be the weirdest sims relationship I have had in game yet.

Icarus and Ixon are bunkbed buddies. It's a piece of CC I never really got to use, but am adoring now. It's perfect!

Icarus and Ixon officially met each other the next morning.
I love these two so, so much. Expect lots of pictures of them.

"Hi there buddy..."
Ixon was not a fan of Daniel.
I can't help but like Ixon a bit more for it.

He then went to tattle on Daniel to his mom who listened intently before having to work.

Do I know what this child's name is? You guessed, I sure as hell don't! Susie seems like a good name. Hadley taught Susie how to talk.


Little Ixon was pouting because his mommy was spending time with the toddlers. Agh my HEART. POOR LITTLE GUY.

What are you doing, Daniel? 
"Helping Hadley out with the kids. She went to barf." 
Wait what.

SHIT SHIT. They risky woohooed last night. SHIT.

There are so many children in the living room! There's too many of them!
So my game froze at noon and the parents started coming to pick their kids up. What the hell?

"Guess what writer? I'm pregnant apparently."

"Hey Daniel, you know that whole not-exclusive-sleep-around-if-you-want speech I gave you? Well...I'm pregnant so that's going to maybe change things."
"What? That's great!"

"Writer, what the hell was that..."
You're confused as me. I don't understand him. Mpart.exe has stopped working.

Look! It's a picture of Icarus not destroying things! This is so great!
Icarus a moment later: *Goes to destroy the rug*
I spoke too soon.

"I'm reading a pregnancy book, writer!"
That's great Daniel...why are you so happy about this?
"I'm going to be dad. Plus, this might be what is needed to make our relationship work, you know?"
That is HORRIBLE logic. Children should NEVER be the solution to making a relationship work. It just hurts the child in the long proce-
"-I'm kidding, writer. I'm just excited to be a dad, alright?"

I will never regret taking too many pictures of Ixon and Icarus. Hadley didn't do much during her days of being pregnant, except spent time with them.

I got this little neat popup that made me so happy inside.

This was her bump during the last day of her pregnancy. She better not be carrying twins.

Fast forward and the inevitable happens.

Little Emmaline was born later with the traits Light Sleeper and Perceptive.
Daniel didn't show up at the hospital.

Daniel was at a retreat instead. 
"Huh writer?" 
I'm trying really hard to like him, but things like this anger me.

Look at Icarus! He's being such a good kitten! He hasn't destroyed anything like Daniel has. Daniel destroyed my hope of Hadley ending up with someone decent.

"Here kitty, kitty."

Ixon, thinking: Ixon yes.

The babysitter was called while Hadley and Daniel went on a date. I know there aren't many pictures of little Emmaline in this update, but babies don't do much.
Guess who Hadley bumped into? That's right, Kai.
"So is your new life everything you hoped and dreamed for? Wouldn't it be better to be back with me instead?"
"You got old, Kai. Daniel might not always be the smartest one out on the field, but he cares about his daughter."
You sure there Hadley.
You sure.

Hey look! It's the guy I was going to put Hadley with originally. He's in the corner there. I don't know why Daniel is crying in this picture and Hadley is in her swimsuit.

Holy shit Kai decided to skinny-dip.
Kai why.
"I'll win her back THIS way!"

"Yeah sure, old man."
*Steals clothes*
Well, I guess that works.

"Look I know we weren't exclusive before, but now we got a kid and we got to put our crazy antics to the past. On that note, do you want to go steady?"

Okay that was cute. Things aren't perfect, but that was still cute.

Ixon is finally starting to warm up to Daniel.

A cute picture of Icarus sleeping!

I end this chapter with Hadley and Daniel eating omelets. Why? I don't know.
See you guys later!

SimNaNoWriMo Count (Pictures) - 42

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