Monday, September 24, 2018

Hadley's Sliding Door Challenge - Door 1 - Chapter 12 - Why, Why?

This is officially the last update/chapter for SimNo! It's been a crazy ride, but I'm happy to have some sanity back again. 
Let's begin! 
Awwww! This made me so happy. I'm glad Hadley bonded so well with Icarus and Ixon.

Just in case anyone was interested. I don't remember who asked her, but I have officially begun plotting matchmaking for her.

"Say elephant, Brenda!" 
Wait...Brenda? That one has a real name? 
"Oh writer, I've already accepted the fact I'll be going senile in my old age. I gave her a name before you did." 

Daniel has taken up painting again. He gets a wish for it every now again even though he has no traits  or skills related to it.

He painted this.
"Look writer! I'm foreshadowing! Aren't you proud of me?"
If you hurt Hadley I will kill you, mark my words.

What the hell?
"It's another day writer, see? We're all stuck doing homework."
Thanks Kaiya. Her grumpy face reminds me so much of Hadley for some reason.

"Just wait, writer. I'm helping out Natasha here."
...Natasha who?

To avoid the madness, I sent Emmaline off to do karaoke at the diner as she had a wish to.
Emaline, what the hell is that face?
"It's my surprised-but-still-somehow-singing-face."
That makes no sense, but I'll accept it.

The next day Hadley had a wish to teach Emmaline how to drive. It was Leisure day so I thought "why the hell not?"
"Mom isn't driving basically just like go-kart racing?"
"...Em please don't make me get out of this car."
Yep, this is the definition of relaxation.

After a stressful morning, I sent everyone off to the summer festival.
"Writer I don't think I can do this..."
I can't help you there. I still run into doorways.

Luckily, Zion and Emmaline had a better hang of it than Hadley did.

Awwwwww. This is so cute. They're skating together. 
"I can't believe I haven't fallen, Em!" 

I nearly got a cute picture of them all together, but Kaiya kept glitching out. 
Damn it Kaiya.

What does that smile mean, Hadley?
"I bought fireworks." many fireworks did you buy?
"Not enough."

Everyone else did not seem to be as excited as Hadley was about the fireworks.

Kaiya seems to be the only who is Hadley's true child. I'm pretty sure Daniel went to sleep before the first firework was even set off.
Just because it was three a.m. doesn't mean you should have gone to bed Daniel!

The plumbob firework officially signaled the end to Leisure day. Next day it was back to the madness.

"Of course I will!"
I have a bad feeling about this.
Oh well. At least I won't make the mistake of having him throw it at the house like Hadley did.

Emmaline is slightly obsessed with the DJ booth and karaoke bar.  She keeps rolling wishes for them. If this was a legacy and she was the next heiress, I would have her move to Starlight Shores when she aged up.

Emmaline what's it with the weird faces this chapter?
"I can't feel my face."
You look crazy.

Bernard here was learning how to play the xylophone with Hadley's help. 
"Bernard, writer?" 
I'm 45% sure I called another kid that in later chapters but...meh.

"Time for my bachelor party!" 
Yay. This can't end badly at all.

Who the hell are you spraying with nectar, Daniel?
"I don't know who, but it's fun!"

I bet no one saw that coming. *Insert sarcasm here.*

Daniel...there's a party dancer...right there.
"This random lady is talking to me about books though!"
Fair enough.

Daniel has continued to ignore the party dancer in order to play Foosball.
In this moment, I have so much respect for him.

After playing Foosball against himself, Daniel decided to randomly start dancing. 

"Look writer! I'm dancing on the counter now!"

Wait...why the hell is Ursula here?
"She's my best friend, remember?"
"Oooh, I'm telling your wife!"
"Do I know you?"
Well shit.

The second thing Ursula does after greeting him is try to flirt with him.
"Sorry...I have a fiancee."
*Daniel gets a wish to flirt with Ursula.*
Are you shitting me.

The game tried to kick everyone out at that moment. 
Even the game doesn't approve of Daniel's actions. 

"Well you know...a little flirting CAN'T hurt. It's my bachelor party after all."

"Don't listen to your writer. A little flirting never killed anybody."
You bitch.

*Daniel gets a wish to kiss her.*
Times like these make me want to reach through the computer screen and choke my sims out.

She accepted his kiss. No surprise there.

The game finally kicked out Ursula and Daniel as they were the last ones there.

I hate these two and Daniel keeps getting wishes for her.
Well, I'm going to end this chapter here.
SimNaNo was one hell of a challenge!
Bye guys!

SimNaNoWriMo Count (Pictures) - 40

Total: 209

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