Monday, September 10, 2018

Hadley's Sliding Door Challenge - Door 1 - Chapter 8 - Surprise!

Welcome back! This chapter was suppose to go out a few days ago but...better late than never, right?
What are you doing Hadley?

"Yes! It said yes, writer!"
That's great! Uhm..what did it say yes about again?
Oh well. I'm just not going to ask at this point.

So Hadley got a wish to throw a birthday party for Emmaline and as she will probably be an only child, I thought, "why the hell not?" 
Well, guess who got invited...Ursula, Daniel's best friend, coworker, and the woman he previously slept with. 

"Writer watch this."
NO. Let's not say "writer let's watch this."

"Too late."

I shit you not. She autonomously decides to TRY FOR BABY with Daniel after glaring at Ursula.
Ursula just looks amused.

"Wow! Random people kissing! Yes!"
Who the hell are you...?


She also got a nice moonlet that said "performance anxiety."
For shit's sake, I feel bad for Hadley.

Well after that whole mess was done, they actually got to the part where Emmaline had her birthday.
I don't know why Hadley has such a stink face. The majority of her locked in wishes are all about Emmaline. She's a great mom.

So you're probably thinking "MPART LET ME SEE EMMALINE."  Just...look at Icarus hissing at Ursula though. 
I mean, this is literally perfect.

"I'm Daniel's boss. Ever wonder why he got those promotions?"
"What the hell did you just say?"

To keep a fight from breaking out, I switched to Ixon! 
Someone left some cake on the ground and he ate. 
Shit, I think it's chocolate. Well...apparently not? 

Now the moment we have all been waiting for...little Emmaline! 
She's absolutely adorable! She's a Hadley clone except for her hair color. I'm not sure where she got that from.

The birthday party ended on a pretty positive note and Emmaline freaked out Ixon just a bit.
I respect that. Toddlers are terrifying.

A lot of toys were bought for little Emmaline as her parents had wishes to buy her a stuffed animal.
Well one wouldn't just work, now would it?

Daniel decided to randomly dip kiss Hadley and it was the cutest thing he's probably done.

"I just want you to know, I never slept with her for those promotions."

Potty training time!

So it begins.
"I'm slightly regretting this."
Just slightly?

"It's the..CLAW!!"

Oh my gosh she's so adorable and I just want to cuddle her.

Hadley has officially done the pregnancy spin and will be having another child.
See you guys next time!

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