Monday, September 3, 2018

Still Alive Short Dynsaty - Chapter 30 - The Ghost and the Ghost Hunter

Welcome back! This will be update two for SimNo. I think after this month this challenge will probably be on hiatus for at least a month. I can feel burnout approaching.
Anyways, it's birthday time!
You might be wondering why Ersa is aging up with the twins. Well, when she died her age bar ended up resetting and my game was having a lot of problems so I didn't bother to age her up before now. It kept crashing when I did.

Dia aged up first! She gained the Equestrian trait. That will be used...never. Yep, pretty much never.

Raiden went after her and gained the Loves the Heat trait.

Ersa aged up last and gained the EcoFriendly trait. Seems fitting with all the gardening she is forced to do does.

Here's Ersa in human form in CAS. I'll grab another picture of her in ghost form in game so you can see it.

Now here is Raiden's makeover. Damn...he cleaned up well.

Here is Ersa..wait. Shit she disappeared in game.
Damn it.

After waiting a few moments, Ersa showed up in game. Here she is! I love her makeover. Also, I've never played ghosts before (except the pet ones) and just noticed that she's aging up...never. Her age bar literally says "aging up - never." After going on the Boolprop forum and asking what I should do in regards to that, I've decided I'll be sending her to the netherworld when Dia dies as Ersa will be staying at the house.

Speaking of Dia, here she is! I absolutely adore her makeover. Her Lifetime Wish is Paranormal Profiteer. She'll be a ghost hunter...and her sister is a ghost.
That might get complicated.

 The house got redecorated. It gives me Halloween vibes which I like. When generation five rolls around, I'll be building a whole new house. On that note, I'll be getting generation 3's points up today.

Ersa doesn't have much to do right now as  the spare so she just mediates and wanders around the house.

As promised, Raiden got kicked out.
Bye Raiden! Please spread your genes!

Dia joined the ghost hunter career after Raiden left.

She doesn't have work for a day, so I sent her off to the chess table to finish maxing the logic skill. She's already at level nine so it shouldn't be too bad.

A few hours after sitting down at the chess table, Dia already got promoted. 
Holy shit. I'm crossing my fingers the rest of her profession goes as smoothly. 

I had Nuala start to work on Dia's portrait until I realized Nuala still sucked at painting. That means I had to put Sena on the duty of painting it which she gladly did. 

Dia just keeps playing chess and these promotions keep on happening!

She is officially at level 3.

Speaking of ghost hunting and ghosts in general, I sent Ersa to do..wait. I don't even remember what I sent her off to do. Anyways, she just ended up reading a book at the bistro.
Ah shit I'm pretty sure I sent her off to get a part-time job. That sounds right.  I sent her off to get a part-time job at the library. If that's the case...why is she at the bistro? 

Jebidiah why aren't you skilling?
"I'm raking the leaves writer!"
It's the middle of winter, Jeb.
"There's still leaves!"

I sent Sena off to upgrade things around the house as I had nothing else for her to do after she finished the po
I really don't think you fix things by banging on them with a hammer, but hey, if that's Sena's way of upgrading things, that's her way of upgrading things.
"Birds and wings writer. Birds and wings."

Dia is still chained to the chess table.
"Ersa, you're distracting me."
"I'm just meditating. At least I'm not training to forcefully remove ghosts!"
"I'm not having this conversation."

Dia got in one more promotion before she completely maxed the logic skill. She's now at level 4.

I got tired of waiting for Nuala to max the painting skill and just sent her off to complete it in whatever-the-hell-this-machine-is-called.

Lifetime Wish completely! How do you feel, Nuala?
"Not that much different."

Nuala still had a painting I wanted her to finish and...
"I'm floating, writer!"

"You can't take me yet! I want more time with my wife and kids!"
Well shit this is depressing.

Grim didn't let him stay even though Sena begged him too.

"Hey Sena! I just took your husband! Don't worry, I'll be back for you soon."

I redid the area in the graveyard where the Alive's are and made some more space.
I'm going to end this chapter here.
RIP Jebidiah. That was sudden as all hell.

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