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Hadley's Sliding Door Challenge - Door 1 - Chapter 11 - The Bachelorette Party

Welcome back to Hadley's Sliding Door Challenge! The next chapter after this will be the last one for SimNo.
Let's get back to the madness!
Daniel completed his Lifetime Wish. I'm pretty happy about it because I got worried towards the end.'s already birthday time for the twins?
"It is! Time has gone by so fast."

Kaiya aged up with the Diva trait. 
Oh boy.
"Excuse me, writer? I'm great!"

Zion was next! I already miss these two being toddlers! 

Zion aged up with the Bot Fan trait. Thank goodness. I don't think the household could handle another diva.

Here is the twins's room. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out though from this point of view it looks sparsely furnished.

"Writer I'm a robot!"
Awwww! I don't play with many bot fan sims. This is so cute!

Zion seems to be quite the bookworm without possessing that trait. It's a bit odd yet I love it. 

A  few hours later, the girls and Daniel went out for dinner as the bachelorette party began.
I gave Hadley a slight makeover for it.
"You realize I'm just going to change my clothes...right?" 
Damn it.

She wasn't wrong, though I have to admit her outfit made me laugh.
Hadley looks like a bridezilla.
Do you think Ursula is going to show up?
"Not if she's sane she won't."

Two pudding sims showed up at the party and started slapping each other. It's pretty fitting considering it's Hadley's bachelorette party.

Hadley got a wish to spray fizzy nectar at pudding sim number one and hey, why the hell not?

I love this interaction so much.

Ursula eventually did arrive...and she arrived with a "party dancer" if you understand what I mean.
"Alright, for the moment she is forgiven. Just this once though."

Party dancer in question.
Poor Icon. He's going to be mentally scarred by all of this.

Ursula decided to start dancing on the countertop as Hadley continued to ignore her.

One of Hadley's good friends showed up. I'm happy and I'm 89% positive his name is Gilberto.
Holy shit I actually remembered a name.
Edit: I got his name wrong. Damn it.

Hadley what are you doing?
"You really think I'm going to let her outdo me at my own bachelorette party? If she's dancing on the countertops, I'm dancing on the countertops."

After a few hours of dancing, Hadley passed out unconscious on the floor and the bachelorette party came to an end.
She didn't kill Ursula and that's the greatest achievement there is.

The kids and Daniel all came home and went to bed before being awaken for something I did not expect to happen so soon.
"I'm getting old? This is great! Wait...didn't I just get over my midlife crisis?" 
Hadley will wake up...soon.

"Dad is getting old?"
Hadley got up! Woo! 

"Well...I guess it could be worse."
It could be much, much worse.
Once Hadley reaches the top of the daycare profession Daniel and her will get married. I would have had them get married sooner, but she'll end up with way too many days off and I'm worried she won't have time to get to the top of her profession.

Speaking of birthdays...
"It's time already, writer?"

Hadley aged up to a pretty adorable elder if I do say so myself.
"I'm not sure how I feel about being old."

Some sims age really badly, but Hadley wasn't one of them. I adore how she looks at each of her life stages.

"Writer you forgot me!"
This is chapter is literally the definition of surprise birthday(s).

Emmaline aged up into a beautiful teenager and now has the Irresistible trait.
I bet her dad is going to love that.
This is where I end the chapter! Bye guys!

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