Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Still Alive Short Dynasty - Chapter 26 - The Chapter with Many Game Crashes

Welcome back! I'm trying to squeeze one more "regular" chapter in of this until SimNo where everything will be chaotic and there will be so many chapters you poor readers won't know what to do. You might be wondering, why am I doing this? Well I may have accidentally got 13 chapters worth of pictures...by the time I'm done with all of these this challenge is going on a HAITUS big time. If I can get one more in before September starts, then we'll be in the clear and only have ten chapters for SimNo to do. Now back to the challenge.

Koios finally got out of work! I honestly don't know why I took this picture.
Maybe he got a promotion.

Koios had a wish to find 20 stars are something like that so he was sent off to stargaze. He wasn't abducted by aliens which would have really spiced things up.
"What writer?"

Little Paris is working on skilling like everyone else. Come on Paris!

"You're still useless."
"and you're still not the one leading generation four."
She's not wrong. I'll probably kick Raiden out the minute he ages up into an young adult too.

So this happened. One moment I was trying to organize the household and get them all to skill, the next moment Nuala is telling Koios a ghost story.

Since they were no longer skilling, I said what the hell and let them just talk.
"Writer I don't know I feel about this..."
Your face says it all, Koios.

He asked her on a date and he still looks unimpressed.
You know, looking back at these updates, maybe what happened before my game crashed and Nuala was locked up with a few jellybean bushes actually wasn't her fault.
We'll see I suppose.
You, the reader: WHAT DID SHE DO?
I'm getting there. I'm getting there.

I look away for ONE second and Jebidiah and Sena are making out.
Well shit.
I guess it's fine but they have to get back to skilling soon.

I sent Nuala and Koios off to the bistro for their date and then had Koios kiss Nuala as he had a wish to and they were doing pretty well.
So this is the part where my game crashed before. Nuala rejected Koios and then continued to yell at him. Repeatedly. Rejecting the kiss was fine, but it was the whole being mean to him after he backed off. It pissed me off enough that I planned to leave her to her err...own devices with jellybean bushes.
Now this time, she accepts the kiss wholeheartedly and flirts back with him. I have no idea what happened before.

"I'm so glad she didn't scream at me like before." 
Me too, Koios. Me too.

Meanwhile this townie ate something spicy and almost set the outside of the bistro on fire. Just another day in Dragon Valley I suppose.

I left these two all alone and they decided to be cute autonomously and now I can't help, but think that my game might have been glitches out before. Especially with that yelling thing. It was weird.
Also random lady in the background is attracted to someone. Probably Koios, but I can't remember.

I had them go steady because they aren't getting any younger at this point.
Hey, just being honest here.
After their date was finished, I sent Koios home to age up via birthday cake because my game had been crashing.

"I can't wait for my mom to get older! It means she'll die sooner!"
What the hell Raiden.
What the hell.

"So it's time for us to get old like popsicles, huh?"
"Appears so, Sena."
I have no idea where that popsicle reference came from. I'm staring at it now, but fever brain says it sounds right so it's staying.

I don't know why I forgot to get a picture of Koios blowing out the candles though I think at this point my game was crashing immediately after I aged Sena up because of a hair that went corrupt. 

This is the hair in question that ended up going corrupt.

It was then later replaced with this one.
I really don't know why I don't have a picture of Koios with his elder makeover. I couldn't find one, but he's got a man bun. He basically looks like the same ol' Koios just with grey hair.

I forgot that Paris was aging up.

He aged up with the absent-minded trait. Not bad.

Koios got a promotion which spurred this:
I picked thief because hell yeah. I really, REALLY want someone to complete the thief criminal branch. 

Also, in case anyone was curious, this is the simplified version of the Alive family tree. Thought it might be neat sharing. This is where I leave you guys.
Thanks for reading!

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