Saturday, July 21, 2018

Still Alive Short Dynasty - Chapter 23 - A Golden Update

In the last update, I promised everything would go to hell in this update. It does, but much, much later. 
Sena and Raiden managed to sneak away and had a cute mother and son moment....

...then Raiden started arguing with her. 
Well, it was cute while it lasted.

He also got caught trying to set a prank up. Sena ended up scolding him before he begged for forgiveness.

"Moooommmm. It was just a little prank! Please, please don't ground me!"

"Alright little marshmallow, but you got to get better at being more discreet about your pranks with the sequins, okay?"

"I don't understand what you mean, but okay."

That was surprisingly easy. I think it's hard to be on Sena's bad side anyways.

"That just looks painful. I think the dummy just hit dad in the face."

"It did no such thing Ersa! Just..just politely tried to give me a high-five. In the face."

Dia took up painting with Nuala. Nuala's lifetime wish required her to max painting and Dia...Dia just needs to get me some more points.

Here's Jebidiah with Neo! I love this dragon so much.


Ersa got a wish to collect a lizard so I let her.

The lizard's name is Azrael. Ersa loves him which makes me happy.

"Writer, pay more attention to me!"
Yeah, yeah. I'm taking the picture of you working on the logic skill. Much interesting. Very wow.

So everything was going swimmingly and then THIS happened.
Remember that really, really small chance I mentioned of a sim dying when using the philosopher's stone?
It happened.
Ersa died and got turned into a gold statue.

Sena came out just in time to see her daughter die. Well shit my feelings didn't matter anyways.
I'll leave this update here as I got to take a break from writing updates. Duh-duh-duh!

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