Sunday, July 8, 2018

Hadley's Sliding Door Challenge - Door 1 - Chapter 3 - She Woke Up

Today I've decided to finally catch up all my challenges with where I am at currently in game which means...eight updates/chapters I got to get up. Four for this challenge and four for my other challenge. I'm going to just hope I don't get too distracted. I'll probably try to release the updates throughout the week so it's not too overwhelming, but who knows.
Meet Alana Kahale, Kai's ex-wife. Turns out the Kahales are actually a pretty big deal around Sunlit Tides and I had no idea.
Oh and she's a super villainess so if I wasn't worried about Hadley getting murdered before, I am now. 

She got a wish to insult our precious cinnamon role who was not having any of her crap.
"Excuse me! I didn't know you were both in a happy marriage. I just thought since you had another love interest on the side...."
*Worry for Hadley getting murdered intensifies* 

Guess who still has a good relationship with his ex-wife? Kai. Of course Kai does. I leave him alone and he goes to talk to his wife who he bores to death.

The Grim Reaper didn't come so I guess he didn't do that good enough of a job. Kai can't do anything. If he had to stay loyal for five minutes he would probably faint himself.

Hadley wished for a telescope to watch the stars with. She's been maxing logic and somehow being oblivious to Kai's loyalty issue.
"His what?"

Hadley went to go to sleep and guess who decided to flirt with his ex-wife in the same room she was sleeping in? Kai. OF COURSE KAI.

Guess who finally woke up?
"You have to be kidding me! Seriously? In the same room Kai?"

"Uhh..." *continues flirting with his ex-wife* 
"You know Kai, I can always get rid of her-"

It appears Hadley wouldn't go down easily anyways.
That's my girl.

 Her daycare started so she had more important things to worry about than that douchewaffle.

"Can you say loyal for me?"
Oh look, even a toddler knows the word and yet Kai doesn't.
What a surprise.

Toddler: *thinks* Girl that outfit with those shoes? What were you thinking?

I don't know why I took this picture, but I'm calling this kid Larry.
Everyone say hi to Larry.

Hadley needed some sleep but needed to be near the kids so she settled for a nap on the sofa.

...I, honestly there's no words. Kai wanted to ask Hadley on a date so I let him.

"So Hadley, I know it's been a rough day and you caught me flirting with my ex-wife, but I would like to take you out on a date." 

"You got to be kidding me! You expect me to just go on a date with you and pretend nothing happened? Well you can burn in-"

"-dad she's going to kill you. Just stop, I'm trying to read my book."

"Why wouldn't everything be okay? You know I have two other woman on the side, right?"

I'll let you all use your imagination about what she said to him. None of it was pleasant, none of it forum appropriate.

He tried to kiss her.
He tried to kiss her.
The douchewaffle tried to kiss her.
The creative curse generator recommended cockroach dictator, but that's really not good enough.
Okay so I tried, but there's no way this is going up on Carls. It just feels wrong now. I'll update my "Before Reading" page. I gave it a shot and I'm proud of my attempt.
*Throws confetti* 


She went and greeted this random paparazzi who was spying on the outside of the house. I don't know why she did, but she did.

This kid's parents were late so Hadley taught him how to talk while silently fuming.
I think his name was Chance actually. Thank goodness my shitty memory remembered at least one kid's name.

Kai was feeling pretty sorry for himself and decided that when your girlfriend is angry at you, go and sleep with your ex-wife. Surely that will fix everything. 

It didn't and Hadley marched into the room after work and looked like she was going to kill someone.

 She stared at Kai for a moment as if wondering how someone with so little brain cells could exist.

I got this beautiful, beautiful message and watched as she tore into him.

 "You think I would want to stay with a coward who couldn't admit to when he messed up and decided instead to sleep with his ex-wife?"

"You're a piece of shit. You deserve whatever miserable ending you get."

"How could you say something like that?  Do you know how rude that is?"

You know, since I'm no longer posting this on Carls, I'm going to try out that nraas mod that allows your sims to murder others.
I think the fact that I didn't have that mod installed right now is the only reason Kai is alive.

"Don't you even dare start with me today. You look at my face which is up here, dumbass."
 Again, that mod not being installed just saved another sims life.

"I can't believe she broke up with me! I did everything right!"

"It's okay that you're a dumbass, sweetheart. It just makes you special."

Well she doesn't have the space anyways.
*Denies wish.*
"-bye dumbass."
I'm going to end this update on that note. Hadley's moving out and her old house is now occupied so I'll be decorating another one. Yay. I actually really love decorating, it's just that for that specific house I spent an hour trying to figure out what version of orange I wanted for the walls. It was weird.
See you guys in the next update!

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