Saturday, January 20, 2018

Still Alive Short Dynasty - Chapter 10 - When the Grim Reaper Visits

This is going to be a short update where a lot happens. 
It was a mess in game, I promise you.
So Fiona is giving birth again and someone has decided to take pictures of it. 

Fiona made her way to the nursery as Jax stopped to freak out.
You don't say?  
"Writer, I don't need your sass right now."

During Fiona giving birth, Octavia realized she is pregnant.
Fingers crossed generation three is on their way!

Baby Zander was born first with the traits Genius and Easily Impressed.

THEN Adonis was born with the traits Genius and Friendly.
They had twins who both got good traits randomly?

Jax got a wish to snuggle on his baby boys.
"Of course my sons are geniuses, they are from me."

He loves his burrito sons.

How are you doing, Octavia?
"Dancing bunnies? Is that you?"
Okay so it seems she is doing great!

Jax completed his Lifetime Wish!
"I know, I'm great."
I honestly can't disagree at this point.

Jax also got a medal for his paintings too.
He really has pulled his weight and then A LOT more with this dynasty.
So I give you a picture of him thinking about how great he is. 

Approaching Jax's elder birthday, him and Mason are merely acquaintances that argue most of the time. They had started off best friends, but after all the Fiona shit and no real wishes from Jax to fix the relationship, I find it fitting.
It's kind of sad though.

After a few days of getting to dot on his grandsons and getting a wish to have five grandkids, he died.
It was time.

Don't worry though, he died just as Jax was aging up!


Game: Fiona is aging up too.
Also Game: Octavia is giving birth now.
What the hell?
"I'm ready to meet Meira again. Even if she might kick my ass for flirting with my daughter-in-law."

The Grim Reaper helped celebrate Fiona's elder birthday.
Woo, what a party?

Oh and then he freaked out about Octavia giving birth after he floated into the room.
Thanks, Grim.
The Grim Reaper will always have a special place in my heart.

Well it is child birth.
I bet it does.

Our heiress was born with the traits Clumsy and Insane.
Her name is Sena Alive.

Her brother was born shortly after her with the traits Grumpy and Perceptive.
His name is Koios Alive.
That's it for this insane(r) update!

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