Saturday, April 14, 2018

Still Alive Short Dynasty - Chapter 16 - Party Crasher

 Fiona, after reaching the end of her age bar a LONG, LONG time ago, finally dies.

Oh and it's on Koios's and Sena's birthdays. You might be wondering why this is. Why does Mpart sims dies on other's birthdays?
That's a great question.
Personally, I think Grim just wants to crash a party or two.

Koios gained the Vehicle Enthusiast trait.

While everyone is aging up, Grim is shaking hands with Fiona and then getting ready to party.

I don't think he notices that anyone is crying. He's just ready to cheer.

Look at all this happiness at this party that's actually not a party, but more like my game forcing Koios and Sena to age up.

Sena might be the only happy one here.
Probably because she's insane.

Ah, no. Nevermind. She's just aging up.
Grim: Cheers her on.

Sena gained the Adventurous trait.
Do you guys know what that mean?
That means we sure as hell will be going on a vacation during this generation!

Generation 3 has also now officially started so Koios's days of enslavement  skilling for points is over.
Koios: "I'M FREEE!"
No, no. You didn't hear me then. You're done skilling for points. Now get your butt into the garden.

Zander just couldn't handle the amazing party-funeral-forced age up day and fainted from it.
He might have also fainted from seeing the Grim Reaper, but hahaha, technicalities.

"Grim, walk with me. We need to discuss the threat the penguins are becoming."

"Yes the penguins are becoming a problem. They are interfering with my time I use for party crashing. It's a big problem that a lot of mortals don't address, you know? I need me time too." 
Did anyone understand that? I'm writing this and I certainly didn't. 

Zander and Adonis are moving out now! I'll try to keep you guys updated about them via Story Progression if anything happens.
Not sure if I will remember but....
Puts reminder in notes.

Now that it's a new generation, the house got a renovation. It is covered in pink.
Help me.

Owen maxed his career and with that, completed his Lifetime Wish! It got buggy towards the end and Owen's been working in the hospital for a few days now.
That's right.
He's been there for days.

With that thought in mind and the fact that staying and working won't get me any more points, Owen retires.

Look at all of this happiness.
Those pigtails also scream surgeon, you know?

Fiona's grave was placed by Jax's. She somehow got a large tombstone...I have no idea how.

 It's a new generation and all the townies are dying off! Next update everyone who I think could be a potential spouse for Sena that she hasn't met will be invited for a party. See you then!

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