Saturday, April 14, 2018

Still Alive Short Dynasty - Chapter 17 - Insanity Indeed

The Short Dynasty is back with a promised party. The first potential spouse has interesting eyes, but seems pretty average as far as it goes. Plus, he's an adult and does not have rainbow-colored skin.

The second one is this...older guy. He's an elder, but he's got rainbow-colored skin!
Sena also doesn't seem to be that interested in him. No heart farts. Huh.

The third one is...this guy. He's-
"-Please marry me."
"You're a little too desperate for the owls to accept."
Apparently he's off the list already.

The third one is Gerald Lawless. He's by far my favorite and I'm hoping they hit it off.

Hearts take place as Sena stares at her potential spouse.

Score! It seems they like each other and Gerald is okay with her insanity. 
"I don't want someone that is just okay with it. I want someone who embraces it."
That's got to be the sanest sentence you have said.
Though it's about embracing insanity so....maybe it conflicts? 

Anyways, a heiress is needed and after a few interactions, Sena started working on it.

After that was done, I sent her to ask him to move in.
He was instantly bored by anything she said.

One moment I turn my head and the next moment she's speaking madness to him.

In return, he slapped her.
I didn't get a picture of it because it happened too quickly, but shit guys.

This is all I got.
Oh and apparently he dislikes children and is a diva.

That resulted in arguing.

Oh and then a fight happened.
Throws hands up in the air.

Sena, naturally, won the fight.
Do I have any idea of what I'm doing?
No, no I do not.
I just know that she's pregnant and the guy she's suppose to end up with slapped her which then led to a fight.

"Get out of my house! No matter what the writer says, I'm not marry you. Pink owls and buffalo or no."

Oh so they're enemies now.

She also slapped him.
This leads us with a child that won't count for points, a pregnant Sena with only so many days to have  the next heiress, and no lead to a future spouse.
Puts head in hands.

"Hey sis, how did the party go?"
"Penguins and buffalo fighting under umbrellas, that's how."
"Shit, that bad?"

So even though everything has gone to shit, I want a boy so....
Sena's going to aim to have a boy.

Oh and Nigel died apparently.
This update just keeps getting more chaotic.

"Hello, you don't know me yet, but you're going to help me get this dynasty back in line."
"Of course!"
This NPC has been alive for three generations.
Anyways though, things might be insane now, but thanks for reading!

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