Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Still Alive Short Dynasty - Chapter 14 - Mistakes Were Made

I'm back from my hiatus, but I got to address a few things. You likely can't see the text in this picture because blogger had to resize it, but it says something I didn't realize.
No boarding school inside the rules.
Yep. What did Mpart do? You know she sure as hell sent Zander to boarding school. I do remember checking the rules before sending him to boarding school, but I must have missed it.
I don't think it's something that the whole challenge should be redone because of. It's a very relaxed challenge and it's main purpose is to be fun. Since we are still in generation 2, and I have four vacation days left I could use, I'm just going to get rid of those.
No more vacations until Sena reaches young adult and generation 3 begins.
Hopefully that sounds fair to everyone. =)
Now, time to get into this crazy household! I'm back after hiatus! Woo!

Getting Sena addicted to caffeine early in her life is very important.
"Wow! It's like I have a ton of energy! I have more than the penguins in the peacock costumes do!"
You do you, Sena.
Maybe getting her addicted to caffeine was not the best option. 

Oh and it's her and Koio's birthday today!

"Woo! What's that I hear? My grades are too bad to get a decent trait?"

Handy is a bad trait?
If those are bad traits, game,  please keep giving more of them!
Game: Laughs in the distance. 

Koios seemed pretty happy to know that his new trait isn't horrible.

Sena aged up after Koios and gained the...
(Looks at notes)

....the disciplined trait! Holy shit yes! 
She maybe frowning and cross-eyed, but trust me, she's happy.

"Wow! I discovered a new star! This is so exciting! I wonder what the writer is going to name it!"
Writer: Stares at pop-up. Meh.
Accepts "New Name" for name of star discovered.
Do you hear that?
I just crushed this poor boy's hopes and dreams.

Mother and daughter bonding!
Sena's got to get to level nine of chess so she can collect that as a point for generation 3, while Octavia just needs to get me more points.
That's it.
I want MOAR.

Don't you all love when Sena smiles.
It's beautiful.

I'm not sure WHY I took this picture, but I did. Oh! It's because we have a cute danger noodle.
Everyone say hi to the cute danger noodle.
Not sure if I showed him off yet.
He's a cutie.

Owen got a promotion, so he cried about it.
I have no idea what's going on anymore.
The real surprise is that I did once.
Once, my friends, once.

Here are all the kids riding the school bus.
You might be asking yourself, where's Koios?
He's invisible inside of the bus of course.

Octavia is becoming an elder already?
Looks at chapter number.
The heiress to generation two is an elder already?

"My back hurts!"
Wishes to get married.
What a confusing, confusing thought process.

Octavia is a cute elder though.
"Thanks, writer!"

Oh it's also Owen's birthday.
Time for him to be sparkly once again.
Well you're technically not wrong.

While Octavia was a cute elder Owen..not so much.
"I think you look handsome, Owen." 
*Stares at Owen and Octavia.* 
Owen gets a wish to marry somebody.

"I hope the writer names this one something interesting..."
New name is always an interesting name.
New name is the name of the star.

When Koios got tired of discovering New Name stars, he was to be brainwashed.
"Must logic...."

Owen's paintings aren't that bad. They aren't Jax's of course, but....they're okay.
Some of you may be wondering, where is Fiona?
Not dead.
That's all that matters.
She's not dead and IT'S HER TIME.
Why Fiona, whyyyy are you still alive.

Octavia continues to play chess.

Look guys! It's not a frown! Look!

Adonis and Zander both have part-time jobs that I'm pretty sure came with one of my Nraas mods. Zander is a waiter and Adonis is in the military part-time career doing something.
He needs the athletic skill once he got promoted.
Four bars to be exact.
He will get it.

I leave you all with another picture of Sena frowning.
I'll see you next update!

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