Sunday, July 29, 2018

Still Alive Short Dynasty - Chapter 24 - Sena Said No

The Grim Reaper came for Ersa and there was nothing that could be done.

I was so pissed and surprised.

Ersa also begged for her life in which the grim reaper didn't care about so it's okay guys, I don't need my heart anyways. That's just a useless organ anyways.


A shit ton of members in the household got a wish to bring Ersa back. Well we don't have any ambrosia so that's..that's got to be a no, but you know what? No one takes control of my dynasty. She's coming back, just a bit more golden.

Sena..are you okay? You're sounding a bit..sane. 

"No writer, I'm not okay. My daughter is DEAD."
Right, right. You just keep doing your voodoo summoning ghost thing then.

Well didn't work.
Damn it. Time to get out the ambrosia then I guess.
It'll take time but-

"Hey mom, I'm back. There were no tacos in the underworld and I told the Grim Reaper you said that I can't die and I guess I'm back now."
 "That's my girl."

"Mom, he's really scared of you. He says you're a bit..eccentric."
"Bah, he's just a bag of bones that the penguins don't care about."

With Ersa's statue sold, she completed her lifetime wish. It was a bit disturbing, but it was worth 50,000!

If you were expecting me to do anything productive in this update, that's not going to happen. It's basically just a picture spam of Ersa.

Ersa and Neo now have something to bond over.

"So I'm basically dead and your a death dragon..neat huh?"
I don't think Neo is going to reply, Ersa.

This felt like a really short update, but Ersa died and then was resurrected so that's something.

Here's a cute picture of Dia to go along with the Ersa spam. She looks so happy to have cotton candy.  I stopped playing here roughly two or three months ago and so I'm going to end it here. Holy shit I finally caught up with all these updates. I never thought I would. I'm off to write three Sliding Door chapters/updates. See you later!

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