Monday, September 3, 2018

Still Alive Short Dynasty - Chapter 29 - The Elderly Snowball Fight

Welcome back! This will be the first update for SimNo. As I am in behind (in my book at least) on getting these ten chapter/updates out, I'll be trying to get two up today!  The reason I am behind is because for the last two days, I've been getting my new legacy "Broken Shadows" ready. The blog for it is not finished, so if anyone's curious about it, I'll be posting updates on it's status on my Tumblr. 
Anyways, back to the Alive's! 
They got back from vacation and Dia decided to do this.

Paris seemed to be a fan of it.

A rare picture; someone else other than a spare helping out with the gardening. 
"It's just me writer. Hi Ersa!"
"You're real dad is dead, Ersa." 
He's not wrong. Pretty sure whatever-his-name-was kicked the bucket at this point. 

I can't remember why I took this picture.
"Maybe to show I maxed martial arts, writer?"
Meh. Maybe. Your guess is as good as mine. 

I sent Dia off to work on maxing the athletic skill. She got a good start on it in China.

"Really? That's all you want to talk about?"
Raiden is a nice asshole. That's the only way I can really sum up his personality.

I sent Ersa off to ask Paris about his gender preferences because I was curious.
Apparently they are attracted to each other. Great.

Also he's bisexual. Cool beans. 

"Oh no! I can't go paint...this is such a shame!"
*Unlocks door for Paris*
 I don't know why Jebidiah is screaming at Raiden. They have a weird relationship. 

See what I mean?

"So maybe you'll hear me out about cats?"
"No...sorry Ersa."

Why the hell did I take this picture? Oh right...Koios got out of jail everyone! He's still wearing his uniform though.

Jebidiah has just been starting arguments lately. I have no idea why the hell he is doing it.

I'll be honest, at this point I'm focusing more on getting Generation 4 ready and that has allowed for some freewill that usually doesn't happen which lead to this...
"Hey Koios!"

"Oh you're on, Sena!"
Look at my two elderly children having a snowball fight! I also didn't think I had winter enabled in this file but...apparently I do?
Maybe the seasons accidentally ended up resetting. 

You know what this screams? This screams injuries.
Or ketchup apparently.

In case you were wondering what the rest of the lunatics were doing, they're painting and skilling.

Raiden apparently got electrocuted. You know, the usual. Kind of angry though because that means we have to wait a few hours until he can complete his LTW.
Let's get back to the elderly snowball fight.

"You can't win, Sena! Just surrender!" 

I don't know who won. All I know is this is where the snowball fight ended. I was laughing so hard during it.

" have a dragon?"

"Writer I got a bad feeling about this."
I wouldn't get a bad feeling YET, Dia.

"What were you talking about with my sister?"

These two are pretty cute together. I'm glad they're getting on so well.

"Shouldn't you be skilling?"

 Four random pudding sims showed up at the house. All of them were paparazzi. I reset them because the graveyard was getting pretty full. I should probably clean it up...later.

These two are still so adorable together. I love them. They have to be my favorite couple in this challenge so far.

 After that, Sena ran off to tell a ghost story. Holy shit I gave them a lot of freewill in this update.
"...and there was a ghost!"
"Not a ghost!"
Ersa...I think you're slightly confused about what a "ghost" is.
Just slightly.

"My brain hurts."  


...HE FINISHED HIS LTW! Just in time too!
In the next update, generation four will be taking over and Raiden will be kicked out of the house.
See you then! 

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