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Still Alive Short Dynasty - Chapter 1 - An Overprotective Writer

We start off this short dynasty with the regular things. I'll tell you a bit about my founder, she'll say some witty dialogue and I'll sass her back. I love her and she's wonderful, it's just that this is my second attempt this week at a Short Dynasty. All together, this will be my fourth attempt. My first attempt I can't even remember but I found it...too easy. My second attempt I made it to my fourth generation but got burnt out in a matter of a week. My third attempt which was earlier this week many damn cats. Anyone looking to do a Short Dynasty, DO NOT do the Cat Herder lifetime wish. No matter how much you like cats.
Now I am aware a few of you saw a paragraph and decided to skip or skim over it which I respect you for.
My apologies for the amount of sass I already have even before I have really gotten into this Short Dynasty. It's been a...week. It's been a very interesting week. Now, to my wonderful founder who hasn't interrupted me once while I forced you all to read my rambling.

Meira Alive. Get it? 'Still Alive?' My good friend Livvielove came up with the wonderful pun and I loved it so...guess it's still alive!
That joke wasn't the best, but I swear I'm usually funnier.

I adore Meira. She was a child in my Four Immortal Sisters file and just had so much personality. Plus she's gorgeous and that's always a plus. Her traits are Hates Art, Charismatic, Equestrian, Friendly, and Vehicle Enthusiast. I don't think these traits exactly fit her.
"It'll be an interesting challenge."
She'll have to befriend 20 people which means she'll have to be pulled away from her alchemy station and get out of her house.
This may prove to be the most difficult challenge yet.
"I was going to argue with you writer're not wrong. Where's the books?"
You can't read books about how to befriend people.
Shit wait in this can.




"When will I be using my athletic wear?"
Dunno. You never did seem too fond of working out. It's something I can respect.
Goes to eat another brownie.



"When will I have time to go swimming?"
Dunno. I am yet another writer with no answers to give.
This fact is OKAY.


After a file where no one liked poor Meira, a few accidental cases of exiting without saving, and ANOTHER time where I forgot to place down the Consignment Shop, Fire Station, and Salon before exiting out of town, Meira finally arrives at the dynasty lot. Instead of sitting there and waiting for something to happen after the family funds were reduced to 1,300 simoleons, Meira was determined to go befriend a few people.
"I honestly just want their help and for them to move in so I'm not poor for half of my young adult life." Which is all of a three days folks.
Yet isn't the fun of being a young adult or adult in general struggling with money?
Goes to sob in corner.

Meira: "You seem kind enough. Would you like to be one of my first friends?"
Meira went to speak to Susie Sackholme and her brother, Mason Sackholme
Did I have to look at the wikipedia to remember their names because I have a bad memory?
Not at all.
Continues to stare at Wikipedia in denial. 

Meira was invited into the house when she met mister Mason Sackholme. The mischievous smile on her face already indicated she was up to no good.

A handshake and a few hearts later, Meira was determined to try and win him over.
"I'll give it my best shot."

"You're absolutely stunning."
Looks around for friendship potion
"Crap, I don't have one. How do I react? Yes, thank you? Thank you, yes?"
Sorry dear. Just say thank you. After this, we'll work on those friendship potions you would like.
Meira clears throat. "Thank you."

"Okay, that seems...nearly socially acceptable?"
I think you broke your teeth there, Meira.
"but my teeth aren't broken?"
Game disagrees.

"How do you feel about alchemy and books, Mason?"
"I hate them. You know in general, I hate anything you like."

"You know what? You're an asshole but I want you to be my asshole. I'm low on funds, I need a spouse, and children aren't made by one person. What do you say?"
Wow Meira that was...
"That's the kindest thing anyone has ever said to me."

"Now, will you move in with me where you will most likely have a happy life of skilling and only have to interact with me when a baby is needed to be made?"
Awww Meira...but I want to find someone that makes you happy...

A house was built with an alchemy station and a few rooms. It's a box, but it's a fashionable box.

Cute interactions between Meira and Mason proceeded.
I have hope for this potential relationship.

After going steady, Mason and Meira tried for a baby. IT TOOK THREE TIMES BEFORE CHIMES WERE HEARD.
This relationship already feels one-sided with Meira caring more than Mason does.

Mason hit the treadmill as Meira finally got to use her alchemy station.

I'm sorry that I couldn't find someone that made you happy, Meira.
"I am happy, writer. I got my books, my alchemy station, and a baby on the way. You did good."
I just hope that Mason is better than he appears right now in the end.

I gave Susie a little makeover and she's growing on me.

"My brother is a fool."

I'm glad we agree on that. I'll try to make sure you have the best life possible, Susie.
"Thanks, writer."

For Susie, this meant improving her cooking skill.

Mason got a makeover too. Reminds me a bit of Zevran which makes him more tolerable.
"Do you have a problem with me, writer?"

Meira was a her alchemy station all day and every night, perhaps that contributed to why the relationship was so one-sided but she really did try. She constantly got romantic wishes for Mason while he got some questionable friendly ones for her. Atlas, everything is trial and error.

Meira woke up with nausea that was not caused by her alchemy station during the night.
"Hey, don't insult the alchemy station."

Her response to it? Register as a self-employees alchemist.

Meira found out she was officially pregnant. Her response?
Go to the consignment shop for potions.

I swear even though she looks sad, she's gardening.

She tried her hand at painting too.

After her social need was low enough, I finally caved in and called Mason over as I glared at him. He's growing on me surprisingly. Even if this relationship is more of a friendship on his end and maybe even eventually her's, that's not necessarily a bad thing if he cares about their child.
Meira nods. 
Of course he got another of those questionable wishes to pillow fight with his pregnant girlfriend but...I guess it's endearing?


Meira went into labor right as Mason came home.

He decided that instead of seeing the birth of his child, he would rather talk to his sister. When she stopped talking to him, he just wandered around the yard randomly.
"Aren't you on Meira's side though?"
"Yes, but...gah."
Even the guy with green hair is judging him.

Jax Alive, our next heir, was born as his father wandered around the yard, refusing to walk into the house.

Be careful Mason because now there's a momma bear and you aren't a big priority anymore.

Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed the first chapter of my fourth and hopefully finally attempt of a Short Dynasty! I'm usually funnier I swear, it's just that Meira and Mason's relationship makes me a bit sad.  I'll be putting the rules I'm following and how the point system and heirship will work in my disclaimer for this. Go check out Livvielove's "Nix of Time" Short Dynasty! This Short Dynasty is heavily inspired by it and every idea I have gotten from her I have asked to use. Not cool stealing other ideas, not cool at all. Hopefully won't be as wordy in other updates too! First one is just a lot. Fingers crossed I make it to update four!


  1. We got our first heir! Hehe, that's glorious! Jax, welcome to the insanity. Meira is going to do just fine, and lol, poor Mason already has you against him, so I guess I'll be against him too.

    1. We did! Sorry for not seeing this comment sooner! It's madness and Mason is or will get his shit together....


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