Thursday, October 19, 2017

Still Alive Short Dynasty - Chapter 2 - The Pillow Fight Wars

Random but did I mention Mason's lifetime wish was "Jack of All Trades?"
Clears throat.

A few changes were made to the room next to Susie's. I went a little crazy and it seems Meira approved.
"I did approve."

Mommabear Meira contemplated the meaning of her existence. 

After that, she ended up putting Jax in the swinging chair and started painting because I wanted to find the Fenris painting Livvielove put in this mod for her to max another skill for points of course. 
"Who's Fenris?"
Beats me.
Meira's eyes narrow. 
Writer clears throat. 
Isn't Jax adorable?

Some stray cat decided to start ripping up all the newspapers outside of the house and I thought it was picture worthy folks you go.

I finally caved in and went "hey, let's give Mason a chance." He's got his pillow-fighting wish and Meira needed some socialization with someone other than Jax.
Not going to lie, it was pretty cute.
"MEIRA!" Hits her with a pillow.

Meira stared at him before the pillow fight war began.

Meira doesn't believe in losing and if something pulls her attention away from her pile of books, alchemy table, or Jax then you better run.

As such, all good moments must eventually come to an end and Meira had stepped out of her comfort zone into not-so-much a comfort zone. This was noted after a bit of arguing the pillow fight came to an end.
Mason did not end up the victor either way.

Here Meira is looking badass. Not sure why I took the picture, but I think I just liked it.

For all of Mason's faults, he is a good father.

"Peekaboo! I see you!"

After Mason being adorable, I can't say I was surprised Meira got this wish;

Susie's birthday was sadly today and I realized how much time was running out in this generation already.
"Writer, will I always be making cakes for everyone?"
I don't think so, Susie.

Her birthday was right around the corner.

With everyone surrounding her that could in the household, Susie aged up.

After it registered she was having a midlife crisis of course.

On it.

A new hair was in order.
She couldn't be rocking the Miley Cyrus one any longer.
Some can, others...not so much.

Meira was so damn close to maxing gardening it was crazy.
"Thanks, writer. I try."

Sometimes Meira wasn't so sure how to take care of Jax who had clearly taken after  his momma.

Yet she slowly got the handle of it with ease. Picture spam!

Meira painted a medium sized painting that reminded me eerily of "Grave of the Fireflies." That movie destroyed me. Destroyed me.
"How can a movie destroy you?"
It just can, Meira.
It just can.

These two are adorable together. No more lying about it.

Realizing that today was Mason and Jax's birthday and the amount of skilling that had been done was not enough, it was time for a trip to China.

Immediately upon arriving, Meira decided to break the fourth wall.
"I can see you, writer."
Well I can see you too, Meira.

Some friendly gossip with Susie was in order.
I swear if I leave Meira alone long enough she'll go befriend someone.

What do you do with a new found friendship?
You play Chess of course.
Oh well, at least it's not Monopoly.
That game destroys everything it touches, but it's so damn fun to play.

Why are you frowning, Meira?
"I'm not."
"This is face."
I am slightly concerned.

Realizing Susie didn't need to max skills like the others, she went off to adventure and get the Alive's a house.

Oh and Susie is gorgeous in case I haven't mentioned it in this update yet.
"Thanks writer?"


You know, sometimes I feel like I'm wearing rose-tinted glasses with Meira sadly. I'll pause the game and see odd moments like this and think back on it.
Kind of feeling bad for Mason?
Their relationship is something odd in game.

Then their relationship is suddenly fine.
She's different in my Four Immortal Sister's file and I contribute a lot of odd moments to the changing of her traits.

Susie is so tired of this shit she doesn't even know what she's tired of.
"Thanks, writer."

Meanwhile Meira continued to skill up in logic and made a wide variety of facial expressions.

As did Mason.

Random moment, but Morrigan O'Reilly made a trip to China too. She was the founder of my last failed Short Dynasty and in game she's with Bradan who was her spouse. Heh.
Going to have to get her genes into this dynasty.

Some idiot decided to start taking pictures of Meira and Mason because that's not creepy at all..


"Writer I'm just...I'm just going to go back to bed."

"Already asleep."
You aren't sleeping.
You are.
Damn it.


  1. Damn look at you go! Haha, I swear I love Mason and Susie. I can't wait to see how Jax ages up.
    The Zev look is a good one for Mason, definitely. I love how Meira shooed at you by the end like NOPE. I'M GOING BACK TO SLEEP. BAI.
    This challenge is nuts but I love it to pieces. Will Meira and Mason have any more children?

    1. I love, love the Zev look for Mason. Made me like him a lot more, but to be honest...I like him more than Meira right now... >.> <.< He's just a great spouse for a founder. She break the fourth wall all the time, I swear.
      This challenge is insane, but I'm enjoying it. Yep, I really, really just want to see more of their genetics and how they play out.


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