Friday, November 17, 2017

Still Alive Short Dynasty - Chapter 3 - Confusion, Confusion Everywhere

We return to the moment where I finally realized I had no idea what I was doing.
 Meira gave Mason a look and completely ignored her new found stalker.

Well I guess I know why she gave him that look. Is that chimes I hear?

Her new found stalker is apparently a pervert too. That's...great.

"Fuck off."
Yet you aren't bothered enough to get up?
"No, I AM bothered."

One look from Meira and Mason was rushing off to deal with the issue.
These two have really grown on me.

Mason then seemed to cheer for pleasing his lady.

After that, it was just a matter of skilling before going home.

After returning home, the Alive household needed a bit more crash. Susie bought a Midas touch potion and spent a few hours getting roughly $400,000 for the household if I remember correctly. I need to redo the house...soon.

All hail the great University statues!

Mason got his last promotion needed!

Then he ended up quitting before joining the Painter Career...probably not my smartest decision.
"What do you mean? I'm an EXCELLENT painter."
Sure, buddy.

I'm not sure why I took this picture, but here's Meira! Throws confetti. Oh shit, right. I think she's working on the friendship potions for her Lifetime Wish? Yeah. Let's say that. I know what I'm doing.

Mason stared on his horrible amazing painting.

Little Jax finally aged up. He's a cutie!

Jax was expected to get on task and start working on skills like the rest of the household.

His daddy decided to spoil him though and spend time with him whenever he could. Awwwwww!

Mason also started to teach him how to talk.
"Say tomato."

Jax was not a happy camper when he was left alone.
Not a happy camper at all.

His parents continued to skill every sleeping and waking moment.

Did you guys know Meira was pregnant? Shit, I didn't know either. SURPRISE!

Oh and it's Mason's birthday too apparently.

"AH SH-"


Writer decides to ignore him.
You have fun with that and all that jazz.
I ain't doing shit because of it.

Everyone stare at Jax...because I took a picture of Jax! Woo!

Mason decided the best way to deal with his Midlife Crisis was to fulfill a wish or two....

...or maybe three. I don't know.

Spoiler: She said yes.

Their wedding was cute. Not going to lie.

Then the Repoman came and stole their shit because my game STILL won't tell them when to pay those damn bills.
That little mother-
Takes a deep breath.

After that Mason went back to spending time with Jax....

...and Meira went to finish her Lifetime Wish.

While being booed at of course.

Meanwhile back at home, Jax was aging up for the second time this update.

He gained the diva trait.

Meira continued on befriending everyone at the library.
Those poor souls.
Nothing. Don't kill me while I'm sleeping, please.

Due to a glitch on my part, Susie made a very important friend that day.

Her self of course.

Jax finally got a makeover and was forced to start painting. 
"Excuse you, I like painting." 
Yeah, yeah. 
Find the Fenris painting. 
I beg of you.

So. Many. People. To. Befriend.

Stalking people like a boss.

Trying to throw potions at babies doesn't work either. 
Trust me. 
Meira and I tried. 
Yet, she still wanted to take of the little girl. It reminds me of when she use to be in my Four Immortal Sister's Save. 

Jax's painting skills are disturbing. 
"It's a bleeding heart!" 
EXACTLY. Still hung it up on the wall, but I'll still call it disturbing.

Apparently that child's mother was always there? What the hell is happening? Is that baby feeding herself?

Oh and Meira decided that was the BEST time to go into labor.

She waddled her way home and gave birth to Nigel Alive, a Neurotic Genius. 
The Genius trait? 

He's pretty adorable. 

Now that's all we have for this update! I leave you with another picture of Nigel and confusion. 
How you made it this far, I'm not sure I know. 


  1. Nigel is such a cute name! I will admit I think of Nigel Thornberry though, lol. I love Jax! That bleeding heart just touches on his inner psyche. I FEEL IT.
    Meira and Mason are really cute!
    Look at you go, onto generation 2 already!

    1. Lmao. XD
      Thank you! I really love his paintings though they are filled with angst.
      Those two have a very interesting relationship. It's always interesting seeing them interact with one another.
      I'm so excited! Hopefully I don't move too quickly though!


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